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Blue Sword Story (WIP)

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Blue Sword Story (WIP)

Postby Dart Omega » Sat Dec 03, 2016 2:49 am

I figured I would try my hand at an actual story instead of just small snippets found only in Battlemechs and combat vehicles that I do.

I will update this story as best as I can.
so please enjoy what I have thus far.

After the fall of the star league Jim Jade figured it was time to leave the Inner sphere and take his entire company with him. Even with the protest of his investors he packed up his people, broke down the factories, stripped everything they could, and destroyed all memory cores that they could not take with them.

Waiting them in orbit above Terra six elephant class Dropships waited for the resources and people alike.

The sky around Terra was filled with different kinds of Dropships, some big & some small taking all that they could hold.

The vast fleet of civilian craft would hitch a ride on the many Jumpships or at least as many as they had left after the many different wars that they was commandeered for.

The Largest Jumpship was the Merchantman which was the most costly to build and was one of five, though because of much fighting this was the last of its brethren and the scars of war could be seen on its sides where scorch marks from PPCs and pocket marks where LRMs had hit it.
Only time to fix the most damaged sections the ship looked as if it was held together by wires, blood, duck tape, and glue.

The other Jump ships was the much smaller Merchantmen which had seen their own share of combat. The many Dropships loaded and once complete the ships jumped heading for sections of space uncharted with hopes of finding a safer home.

In total six worlds across the Inner sphere and different houses was left behind and taking a good chunk of the work force with them forced the houses to bring in people to fill in the gaps left behind and to rebuild.

It would be sixty years before the FOIS would make contact with the Inner sphere which had surprised many as they had been written off as lost.
They made their comeback with mechs not seen since the fall of the Star League though downgraded yet still viable for combat.

Among the war machines was newer Dropships & Jumpships designed to act as both military & civilian craft thanks to its modular systems that allowed for quick and easy additions of weapons or removal for larger cargo bays.

With their arrival also came a new mercenary unit known as the blue swords armed with mechs not sold by the FOIS and with technology long lost to them.
~end of file~

Dart put the Noteputer down careful not to damage the crystal face and rubbed his eyes before letting out a long yawn.

“Why did they cut of the history there? I mean this is for private use after all.” Dart Muttered.

“Be thankful I managed to get that much from the historians.” A female voice said from behind him just as he felt a slim hand on his left shoulder.
He took it in his and kissed it gently before turning around to see his XO and wife waiting for him.

“That is true, and it was a wonderful read even if it was full of holes.” Dart Chuckled and got up slowly as the Dropship was waiting for the recon team to report back with the LZ.

“Been an hour since their last contact, I hope they hadn’t run into trouble.” Dart said with a troubled look on his face.

“Don’t worry Jenna is with them so if any problems arise she can handle it.” Jan said trying to sound convincing as she could.

“Normally I would agree but the team is in lightly armed & armored LAMs.” Dart knew he should have sent actual fighters in but Jenna hated normal fighters and being a highly skilled LAM pilot she refused to pilot anything else.
Before Jan could reply the bridge called but beating him to it Jan answered first. “Good news I hope Alex?”

“Yeah just got word from Jenna, says she found a great spot but could use a little help, sent the Blue Devils out to give them a hand.” Alex knew she might have over stepped her boundaries but relaxed when he complemented her quick actions.

On the ground Jen looked at the glowing analog clock projected to the lower right of her canopy. ‘five more minutes..’ she thought as she moved her LAM to the hard right just as a Light Auto cannon shell flew past her cockpit.

“Damn they just don’t give up!” Jen grumbled.

“Well they think they have a better chance against us since their riflemen have longer reach than we do.” Came the Voice of her lance mate.

“You don't say Jake.” Retorted a different voice.

“Tina watch it or I’ll shove my LAM’s foot right up you’re a—“ Jake’s reply was cut short as he dodged a AC shell.

“Cut the chatter and drop that lance of Riflemen!” Jen ordered and three voiced echoed ‘roger’.
They dodged the best they could but was getting nowhere fast in the air because of the Riflemen so they was forced to go to the ground which made the enemy warriors think they dropped the fighters.

Only to be met by a barge of Large & small Lasers tearing into the enemy mech’s armor where they set one off due to hitting the ammo bins or blowing off a limb.

Jen gritted her teeth as a AC round slammed into the side of her LAM and tearing off the left wing of her LAM grounding her.

The LAMs they was piloting was different from the Star League era LAMs as the FOIS refined them and to help speed up the process they removed the battlemech mode completely and instead opted just for the Hybrid mode & fighter mode.

The LAM now had a cleaner and smother transition that stripped more than half the time it use to take to change.

They now had been surrounded by two lances of mechs and tanks moving in to finish them off when fighters swarmed the enemy.

“Took yer time Tony.” Jen said.

“That happens when you are dancing with the enemy.” Tony said.

Above them eight fighters brought hellish lighting down upon the enemy mechs as red PPC whips lashed out at the enemy units while others released fiery hell upon the enemy tanks using their trademark blue Inferno Missiles.

One of the Devils was too far away for SRMs however the Missiles reached with ease which then exploded releasing its flaming payload.

“What the hell?” Jen said as she quickly side stepped out of the way or risk getting some of the hellish goo on her machine as well.

“Watch it!” Jen hissed at the fighter who fired it.

“Don’t get your coolant vest in a twist I know what I am doing.” A female voice with a hint of humor in it retorted.

Jen muttered something but wise to keep her voice down so her throat mic didn’t activate.
The Devils fled due to being out of ammunition and fuel running low leaving an even more battered team.

The enemy Riflemen lowered their Auto cannons down at Jen’s unit and fired sending Auto Cannon shells into the paper thin armor destroying the LAMs and killing Jake who scarified himself to use his machine as a shield.

Thinking they was all going to die she closed her eyes but instead of feeling pain that would be followed by nothing she heard the sound of metal on metal and the ground shaking as a Goliath landing on one of the Rifleman from the Dropship it had leaped from.

“Bout time you shown up Shawn” Jen muttered.

“Better late than never.” Shawn said.

“The one behind you killed Jake.” Jen hissed and Shawn mule kicked the Rifleman in the leg crushing armor plating and breaking the mech’s ‘bone’ causing it to crumple under its own weight and then stepped on the cockpit.

“Oops” Shawn said as he turned his machine around and fired the PPC cutting a huge molten scar across one of the remaining Riflemen right arm and melting the AC barrel which sent molten metal into the Large Laser barrel and ruining the weapon.

Over head flew a Aerospace carrier designed to quickly mobilize standard Battlemechs of a certain weight.

The 100 ton carrier released a blue Crab which once dropped parachutes deployed to allow a gentle landing.

Jen smiled and quickly ran for the mech and climbed up the ladder to the enclosed cockpit and did the system checks as fast as she could.

“Voice activation required.” The voice of the Computer stated.

“A heart of Ignis, gaze of Glacies, and a soul of skotadi for I am death” Jen said and the mech came to life.

Jen looked over the mech’s weapon systems and was glad to see the left arm’s PPC’s status was green which means the techs finely managed to work out the kinks in the PPC’s power system as it wasn’t charging completely.

Next to her was Rex’s Commando however because of the heavy fire June’s stinger could not be deployed.

“Well let’s see how they fair against some actual battlemechs.” Jen said with a savage smile.

Moving quickly she dodged the enemy fire and grabbed the side of the tank and flipped it over and released hell from her PPC and then moved to the next target.

“Well damn!” Jen muttered as an Atlas came into view followed by three battlemasters.

The Atlas was close to range with its large bore AC and just as she thought she seen a blur of metal from its AC it shook and fell backwards as weapon fire from the Minuteman Aerodyne Dropship came down low and out of the mech bays the Blue Sword Command lance leaped out and landed close to Jen.

In front of her stood a Thug armed with a PPC, Axe, Jump Jets, and medium lasers it was a side to behold and to be feared.

The Thug moved into action the moment it landed driving the Axe down and crushing what remains of the armor over the closest Battlemaster’s left arm and cutting it off at the shoulder sending the arm to the ground and causing it to stumble backwards.

However instead of falling backwards the pilot managed to regain their balance and returned fire cutting a large molten line across the Thug’s center torso and barely missed the cockpit.

With a loud crack of thunder a purple whip of manmade lighting left Jen's PPC and snaked across the short distance leaving a scent of ozone in the air.

Upon impact a large swath of damage was cut across second Battlemaster that caused molten metal to flow down from the gash like blood coming from its left leg.

Fallowing up the PPC Jen did some minor damage against with a glancing slash across the face of the Battlemaster sending molten blood down from over the left side of the enemy cockpit and blocking some of the view.

Using the distraction the Thug brought its axe down and crushing and sending metal shards from where the blade bit into the mech’s left side of its head but failed to crack the armor completely as the Battlmaster tried to move at the very last moment which caused sparks and the loss of its communication system.

The Pilot within suffered none the less as he blacked out and falling backwards like a puppet with its strings cut.

With the loss of the final assault the enemy units within the tanks gave up and exited slowly with their hands in the air.

The first of many battles for the world that once belonged to the FOIS some hundred years ago was over but the war still rages on.
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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

Postby Dart Omega » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:58 am

At the LZ the three dropships had landed and unloaded their cargo while the fighting had raged on between house Liao and the forces of the Blue Swords.

A sniper had set up shop not far from the LZ hidden among the many old wrecked buildings still allowing the clean shot for whomever was in his line of sight.

The Death Commandos though cowards still was good at what they do, their first target was a tech of the Command lance. With the target chosen the sniper pulled the trigger and a moment later the young man fell dead.

A second shot rang out as the sniper blew out the reactor since the hatch had been open do to the tech doing some last minute checks on the reactor leaving it open.

‘The invaders think they can take this world from the house Laio then they are sorely mistaken.’ The sniper thought as he and his spotter left.
It didn’t take long for the Shield’s commandos found them and captured them. Though to prevent the Death commandos from committing suicide they was hit with tranquilizer darts and their laser rifles set on low to only to stun them.
However the Death Commandos still managed to ingest fast acting poison to prevent them from being captured alive.

“So the cowards not only killed Jimmy, damaged a mech, and then killed themselves instead of being arrested?” Dart asked as he seen the bodies as they was carried away.

“Anyway to tie them back to house Liao?” Dart asked and the Commando shook his head.

“We may know what they are but without proof we are not permitted to strike back, only thing we can do is now is force complete surrender of the planet’s armed forces and then force all living here off the planet for repopulation with FOIS personal “ Jen said as she handed her noteputer to Dart.

Dart did a quick scan, “Does it have to be everyone?” Dart asked and he handed it back to her.

“Harsh as it may be but HQ wants to make sure none that could be an enemy of the FOIS hiding among the civilian population and risking harm to the Personal or property so its best to move everyone.” Jan said as she skimmed through the orders.

“Sir!” a young com officer called out to him.

“Yes?” Dart asked.

“Quarter knights have reported contact with enemy forces.” She said.

“That’s Kim’s unit.. has she been told of her brother’s murder?” Dart asked and Jan was the one to respond with a no.

“For the enemy’s sake let’s hope she doesn’t find out until she gets back to base.” Dart said before sitting down.

“That is coldhearted, one of our own cut down in a cowardly act and you haven’t any emotion whatsoever! Don’t you care about your people at all?” a young tech demanded.

“Astech McKay you are out of line!” Jan started to say but Dart held out his hand to stop any further outburst from ether of them.

“McKay, this is your first mission I take it?” Dart asked his voice gentle yet stern at the same time.

“Y-yes.” She said and Dart just smiled.

“I’ll let this outburst slide just once do it again and you will be reprimanded am I understood?” Dark asked.

“Y-yes sir I apologize.” She said and then turned round and left.

“You are too easy going on the young ones Dart.” Jan said and Dart just shrugged.

“She shows great promise and Kevin requested her for his team shows she is worth having on the team.” Dart replied after a long moment of pause.

Turning back to the holotable and keyed up the display to view the area that the Knights was at and who they was battling.

Pressing a few more buttons to see the enemy mechs that had been tagged and raised an eyebrow.

“Hmm, haven’t seen a Cataphract this far out before.” Dart muttered as he cycled through the three other mechs a Raven, Blackjack, and a beat up Panther.

The Quarter Knights was made up of a Battlemaster, Thunderbolt, Thug, and Maunder which was supported by three Trilobites and a platoon of Infantry armed with SRMs and Laser rifles.

Pressing a few more buttons he accessed the damage display of the Knight’s and was glad to see that the knights hadn’t suffered to bad in terms of damage but what bothered him was how much ammo they had expended just to deal with the enemy.

The Trilobites on the other hand had suffered heavier damage but still fighting despite two no longer able to move and had become a turret at two points in the city firing at anything that came into range of the PPC.

The Infantry thankfully only lost nine men and had been battling the enemy’s own infantry which was still raging on.

Pressing one last button he brought up the satellite feed and zoomed in to see other areas of the City using technology lost to the rest of the Inner sphere due to fighting however the Blue Swords had the upper hand.

“Patch me through to Kim’s Battlemaster.’ He ordered his Communication officer who worked quickly.

“Kim you have three more enemy mechs heading your way, I say fifteen minutes away at best so stop playing with them and get moving.” Dart told her and her only reply was a slew of cussing in Latin.

Dart blinked and looked at Jan, “Well it seems her Latin is coming along well.” Jan said with a quiet chuckle.

Kim muttered an apology and then spoke up, “Three huh? Know what they are?” Kim asked.

“One second.” Dart replied as he checked the Sat feed and stroked his beard as he pulled up the data, “Vindicator, Striker, and Phoenix Hawk.” Dart said.

“Any chance they was already damaged before hand?” Kim asked sounding more annoyed than worried.

“No” Dart answered and cut the feed with Kim as he knew what was going to come next.
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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

Postby Dart Omega » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:41 am

sorry for the long delay, not use to writing an actual story, anyways with out further delay...

Kim muttered something before pulling up some information on her command computer which held information of all units close to her people.

Seeing a unit icon show up she tapped it with a tip of her leather glove pulling up the unit information, It was the Blue Shield unit which was normally never far from Dart’s main force as they was created to protect a newly won LZ, the capital of the FOIS, or protecting a diplomat.

Taping something else she seen the lance was slightly battered but mainly minor armor damage.

“Mech Warrior Dana I request your aid.” Kim said while awaiting her reply Kim moved her people
into the shadows of the buildings within the now vacant civilian living center.

A Clicking sound came from her CC and seen that Dana would aid them and would be there in ten minutes.

Kim checked her radar and seen that the enemy would get there before Dana’s force could.

“Alright people we have a tough fight a head of us, we are hurt and low on ammunition and with a fresh set of enemy units heading our way we need to hold out until the Shields can reach us.” Kim said and her people acknowledged and the fight would begin within a few minutes time.

‘Okay just need to stall for time and take as little damage as humanely possible.’ Kim thought and just as she twisted her mech’s upper torso to the left to get a better view of the battlefield a Particle Projection Cannon had fired and sent a blue whip of manmade lighting crackling through the air and leaving a deep blacken scar across her machine’s upper torso and costing her almost a full ton of armor which rain down like blood from a fresh wound.

She scanned the area quickly to find that the Vindicator had jumped up on a building giving it a better angle on her which it took a snap shot at her with its PPC hitting her left arm melting almost a ton which splattered onto the ground below.

She returned his attack three fold, firing her PPC and medium Lasers tore into the enemy Vindicator, the PPC slashed a long jagged scar across it’s chest followed by the lasers which carved into the machine’s right arm and right torso causing it to stumble backwards and soon a blur of silver spat from the shoulder mounted Assault Cannon tore through the right torso of the Vindicator and ripping the right arm off at the shoulder and causing it to spin off the building and landing on the ground in front of her.

Kim raised her mech’s right foot and brought it down on the cockpit of the enemy machine over and over again. Letting out her rage of losing her brother to these cowards until a voice cut in, “Are you sure you really need our help?” Dana asked.

“Yeah, well took you long enough to get here so I figured why not start the dance and you could join in when you got here.” Kim said showing no sign of losing her cool.

“So um yeah, I think one stomp would have only been needed.” Dana said moving her Marauder X next to her.

The 100 ton machine was slightly shorter than the BattleMaster 2X but still just as deadly.

“later I would love to see the specks on your mech later.” Dana said, “Same here, would love to see that new machine.” Kim said.

“New? Hardly it’s just come out last year been in the works since the fall of the Star League.” Dana said which made Kim raise an eye brow.

The other three knights met up with Kim now and waited for what was to come next.

“So what’s the eta on the rest of the enemy force?” Kim asked Dana.

“They turned around and fled the moment we came into sensor range.” Dana said.

“So what now?” Kim asked and Dana opened up a private channel with Kim.

“We are to report to the Star port and do a few hours of patrol before heading in and meeting up for a meeting.” Dana said and Kim sighed.

“Yeah I know you are tired but so is everyone else.” Dana said and then added, “my team and I will be waiting here for salvage teams before heading in.”
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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

Postby Dart Omega » Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:55 am

Kim turned her machine around and joined up with the rest of her team and headed off for the Star Port when they had been assigned to patrols until the Massive Dropship Asguard landed.

“What the hell is that thing doing here?” Kim muttered a little too loud and was picked up by her unit who had the same question.
The Asguard was the largest Dropship that was still able to land on planet.

“Boss what’s up with that thing?” Sam asked as he torso twisted his Thug to the left and tilted up as he seen the ship grow bigger as it came into view.

“Don’t you know anything?” Veronica asked Sam who turned to look at Veronica’s Thunderbolt which had seen better times as the last fight had been brutal as she had been blindsided by two panthers who managed to hit her with their PPCs square in the back as they had been waiting in the shadows of a large ruined building with all systems in standby mode and as soon as they spotted them they came out of the shadows and fired.

Problem was they hadn’t managed to bring all of their Heatsinks back on line before firing which caused the mech to overheat and setting off the SRM ammunition which engulfed the mechs in balls of fire and as the flames devoured the mechs whole.

The explosions sent pieces of metal into all directions, some impacting into the rear of her mech which was already gone from the PPC blast and did more damage, Several heatsinks had been destroyed and a chunk of shrapnel had managed to impale the Gyro housing but didn’t manage to destroy it.

Veronica would still be fuming about that for days but for now it was forgotten as she watched the massive Dropship slowly touchdown.

Landing on thick legs the massive ship seemed to groan as its weight rested on those legs. On the side was a massive image of the Blue Swords crest was clearly visible so it was no mistake who this ship belonged to.

Dart walked over to Kim in his Thug and tapped her mech on the shoulder which snapped her back to attention.

“Kim take your team to the Star Port left mech bay and get cleaned up and then meet me along with the others in the dining hall in thirty.” Dart said and Kim was not about to argue with him and walked to the mech bays where she backed her machine into the gurney and slowly powered down her mech.

Opening the hatch a huge hiss could be heard as the hot air from the cockpit met the cool outside air, climbing down the chain ladder she dropped to the ankle of her mech and slid down to the floor.

Kim rolled her eyes when she heard Veronica arguing with a tech who had a noteputer and was taking down quick notes of damage for each mech and had put minimal for Veronica’s mech which she grabbed the tech and showed him the rear of the mech.

“DOES that look MINIMAL to you?” she roared.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to ignore your mech’s damage… I am so---“ the young tech’s voice was cut off by the closing of the door.

“When will Val learn that the tech was going to go behind the mechs when he was done looking over the front?” Sam asked.

“It’s Val for ya, she is still angry over the ambush and the fact she didn’t give them a chance to drop them herself.” Judy said.

“But does she have to take it out on the poor kid?” Sam asked with a sigh.

“Wrong place and wrong time.” Kim muttered.

“I am going to hit the showers, wanna be alone for a little while” Kim said as she headed off to find a personal shower before others managed to claim the best quarters and soon stripped and went into the shower.

It was icy cold water which she liked after a hot bout in the cockpit. It was then she broke down, her brother dead cut down by a coward, a sniper.. all of them are cowards, killing from afar a Non-combatant, his only crime being that he worked on a military machine.

‘I’ll make Laio pay, she would show no mercy to them, I’ll kill them all!’ Kim screamed silently and then let her head rest on the cold metal shower wall and her eyes closed letting the cold wash away the pain.

She didn’t know how long she was there but soon she felt two warm, thin hands gently grip her shoulders and pulled her into a hug.

Kim knew only one would dare enter her quarters and that was her lover, Judy who turned the water off and sat down on the bed with Kim still in her arms and they just sat there and what seemed like forever Kim finely told Judy what had happened and they both said nothing else.

Before Judy could say anything their com chirped and Kim Answered, “What do ya want?” Kim asked with a bit of hostility in her voice.

“What I wanted was your backside in a chair for a meeting five minutes ago.” Dart said his voice hard as his annoyance bled over the com.

“Better go, or else he will make me clean all of the mechs actuators with my toothbrush.” Kim said with a sigh.

“Oh come on that is just a rumor to keep recruits inline.” Judy said laying down.

“Oh that is no rumor, I lost count how many times he made me do just that many times even after I became a mechwarrior.” Kim said but a hint of a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

“What did you do?” Judy asked.

“That is a story for another time.” Kim said.

“Fine!” Judy said and threw some clean clothing at Kim who put them on as she walked out the door and just zipped her pants up just as she shut the door.
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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

Postby Dart Omega » Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:39 pm

Kim’s eyes almost glazed over at the long officer’s meeting which seemed to last forever and just as she was about to mentally check out Dart came over and dropped some old school books in front of her jarring her out of her haze.

“Well since you seem bored you get to help me fill out some reports, for home office.” Dart said and Kim was about to protest when he held up her tooth brush and waved it in front of her and any protest she was about to make was kept to herself.

Once the other officers left the meeting Dart sat down in the chair next to her and she muttered something.

“I know it was long but it was important and you missed some key points made.” Dart said not in the tone of an annoyed commanding officer but as a friend.

“I know, I just don’t like long meetings.” Kim said.

“I know and that’s why I always keep them short and to the point.” Dart said as he watched her.

“All but this time, almost as if you wanted me in trouble.” Kim said as her eyes seem to narrowed in annoyance.

“That’s because I did, it was easier to keep this between us.” Dart said and Kim raised an eyebrow.

“Your father is coming here on the next Jumpship, and he is coming with a new craft.” Dart said and Kim suddenly looked as if she was going to curse but knew better and kept her temper in check.

The last time they seen each other they had a huge fist fight because she chose the way of the warrior when he wanted her to become a captain of a Jumpship or Dropship.

“There is more isn’t there?” Kim asked.

Dart nodded and slid the noteputer to her. She looked it over and her eyes widen, “The Foley class?” Kim asked and scrolled over the weapon system and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“What is this thing?” Kim asked him.

“You know how the Star League and the great houses had warships before the succession wars where they lost much of their technology because of stupidity and among that was the Warships.” Dart said.

“However the FOIS was smart enough to flee before it was drawn into the many fights that would have ether destroyed the FOIS or reduced its technology level.” Dart added.

“So in other words the FOIS did what the SLDF under General Kernsky had done?” Kim asked.

“Heavens no, we only fled with our people and asserts to a easier defendable system but kept on selling to the Great Houses and even sending some ‘peace keeping’ forces at the request of some of the houses so they could also see what they was going to buy in live fire action.” Dart told her as he felt a offended that she would clump in the FOIS with the cowards that fled the Inner Sphere like cowards because they couldn’t handle the ‘heat’.

“Um anyways Dart you was saying about the new ship?” Kim asked to keep the conversation on track.

“With This ship the FOIS is trying to revive the Warship class however because of how costly they are and the fact that we are trying to keep the fact that the FOIS still has the technology to produce Star League era weapon systems for warship hidden.” Dart told her.

“If I recall from school didn’t the Warships had jump capability however the Foley lacks that system, so how is it getting here?” Kim asked.

“It had to hitch a ride with the Cockings.” Dart said which made Kim stiffen a little as it was her father’s ship.

“If you don’t mind me asking but what is with the name?” Dart asked her.

“It is named after an old Earth person who gained fame from a ‘web show’ whatever that was.” Kim said with a shrug.

“What is the role of this ship anways?” well for the one we have coming it a fast interceptor that will be patrolling the area while we are reestablishing our presents here and as we know the Capcon isn’t known for giving things back without a fight or without trying to take it back.” Dart said with a sigh as he knew that once they left there would be a skeleton force left until more units can arrive.

“You said this one, how many are there?” Kim asked.

“Two thus far, the 01 which is the Interceptor and the 02 that is a much slower craft designed for carrier role.” Dart said as he took the NP from her and scrolled to the right section and handed it back to her.

“Fifty to sixty craft?” Kim asked as it looked like it could have held more.

“More could be fit in if a large chunk of its weapons was removed but the team nixed the idea.” Dart said.

“Couldn’t they just make the ship bigger?” Kim asked.

“They could but keeping them small allows us to build them faster and for the time being only four will be built in total, one for each system that will need patrolling.” Dart said.

Kim looked through the notes, “What is a Sol station?” she asked.

“The Sol Station is where ships like the Foley and the Cocking can be docked, refitting, repairs, recharging, and so on.” Dart said.

“So in other words a space station?” Kim asked.

“Sort of, it will be unmanned and everything will be done automatically.” Dart said.

“Anyways enough of that, I think it’s time we call it a night, Jan and I have a meeting to get to and I am sure you are tired.” Dart said as he got up and walked out.

‘meeting’ Kim snickered and smiled as she got up and walked back to her room as she was tired and only wanted to sleep.
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Re: Blue Sword Story (WIP)

Postby Dart Omega » Wed May 03, 2017 9:37 pm

On board the Dropship Dart was sitting in his chair as his wife massaged his shoulders, “You are too tense, you need to relax a little.” She said to him as he was reading a fresh report from the planet they just left.
“A bug problem.. she sent in a report about a bug problem…” Dart muttered as he placed the noteputer in its charging station.
“Well it must be one hell of a bug problem for her to gripe about it.” Jan said as she noticed Dart poking at the small golden statute of a Commando II which made the trio of lasers light up on its left arm.
On the shelf behind him Jan noticed a new golden mech statue of a Thug holding a Hatchet and she raised an eyebrow.
The shelf held several mechs, each one was a machine once produced, was still in production, or machines once piloted by the earlier commanders of the Blue Swords.
“So what’s actually gotten you down?” Jan asked him as there was an actual reason he was not his normal chipper self.
“Just got the latest Intel from New Terra and it isn’t looking good.” Dart said as he looked up at the ceiling before closing his eyes as he recalled the report.
“The dragon is refusing to vacate the world and they captured and killed the FOIS ambassador and her bodyguards.” Dart said.
“Refusing was natural but to kill the ambassador seems a little much.” Jan said as Dart simply nodded.
“Yeah and now our warriors are out for blood.” Dart explained.
“Well just as long as they don’t take it out on the civilians then there isn’t much to worry about yes?” Jan asked and Dart looked at her.
“It’s not just that, the fighting will most likely be even harsher than the fighting we had just finished.” Dart told her.
Jan read the report on the terminal on the desk, “Reports of troop movements and a company of mixed units being moved to New Terra.”
“They really want to keep that world don’t they?” Jan asked as Dart nodded.
“The moon of the smallest planet in the system is rich in resources while the belt is really abundant with the ore that allows KF drives to be built and if you own such a rich supply..” Dart said trailing off.
“Then you will have an edge.” Jan said finishing his train of thought.
“So what are we going to do?” Jan asked him.
“We will be meeting up with the Raven Hawk Aerospace fighter carrier for support as we have been getting reports of three or four fighter wings to protect the mining facility in the belt.” Dart said and Jan nodded understanding what that meant.
“How long will it take us to get there?” Jan asked.
“three weeks” Dart said as he got up and went over to the bed and laid down and Jan followed suit as they finely docked with the Jump ship.
The caption came on over the speaker system, “Alright we will be jumping in five minutes be ready to have barf bags close by for those who need them.” The Caption then signed off.
“I really hate this part..” Dart said and held the barf bag close to him.
Jan sighed and chuckled, she was never bothered by this but he was.
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