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Field Manual Clans is now available!

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Field Manual Clans is now available!

Postby Blacknova » Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:37 pm

This has been out for a little while now, so sorry for the late posting here. We are already well along in our next release, which should be out in a few weeks.


Please enjoy the first of our post-time jump sourcebooks for the Kapteyn Universe, Field Manual Clans, which officially details the arrival of the Clans of Kerenksy in the Kaptyen Game Universe. For those of you familiar with the canon BattleTech Clans, this book is not your typical sourcebook. More akin to an intelligence report you'd find during the Word of Blake's Jihad, most readers will notice some glaring differences in the information presented in this book and in this universe. For many Clans, their histories, society, culture and outlook are barely known—let alone understood—by their Hegemony hosts.

Left with the shock, awe and fear of the Clans' arrival, the incomplete narrative represents the real-world implications of the Clans revealing themselves unexpectedly and peacefully to a shocked nation still recovering from a war to reestablish itself after almost three centuries of oppression in the wake of the SLDF's Exodus and the fall of the Star League. In this universe, while the Clans have revealed themselves in a manner other than invasion, they have not revealed everything to the reformed Terran Hegemony. Left with the unenviable task of piecing the Clans and their intentions together, the Hegemony Intelligence Directorate (HID) has done its best to prepare the Hegemony people for what the future—and the Clans—may hold for the new nation.

It remains to be seen whether their best is enough to weather the coming storm.

For those well versed in the Clans of the canon BattleTech universe, you may be tempted to skip over the sections on Clan government, society and culture. However, like most of the Kapteyn Universe, the Clans are decidedly similar to their official counterparts, but there are some noticeable changes that have infused the Kapteyn Clans with a life and personality unique to themselves.

Over the coming weeks and months more about the Kapteyn Clans and their intentions will be revealed as characters make decisions that will shake the Inner Sphere and the Clans to their core. Reports covering the different Clan philosophies and their adherents will be detailed in a series of Field Reports that will showcase each Clan in detail on the eve of the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere.

So enjoy Field Manual Clans and the story still to follow!

Please feel free to post questions, rants or praise in the comments thread of the Kapteyn Universe here

The sourcebook is available via the downloads page.

(Blacknova will post an official thread on the CGL, S7, LotB and BTU forums, so please don't ruin it for him. He's worked super hard on this, but I wanted to give you guys an early taste.)
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Re: Field Manual Clans is now available!

Postby Blacknova » Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:13 pm

The Kapteyn Universe's Field Report: AFFS

In 3024 the Federated suns stood poised to dominate the Inner Sphere through its alliance with the Lyran Commonwealth. In 3026, the realm of the Davion’s was on its knees, battered on three fronts and reeling from loses of a scale not suffered in over a century. The AFFS, long the avatars of the Davion family, suffered heavy losses in the 4th Succession War, with efforts since almost entirely devoted to rebuilding the shield of the realm. Field Report: AFFS, details the actions of the regiments of the realm during the 4th war and their rebuilding following it. Also included is a review of the Federated Sun’s industry, support and naval infrastructure and planning and an overview of the new ranks and uniforms of the AFFS. Also included are two full color maps, detailing the deployment of both the AFFS and the FSN.

Field Report: AFFS details the AFFS of 3032 in the Kapteyn Universe and can be downloaded from:
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