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Argent Fire Volume 2, Issue 1 released

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Argent Fire Volume 2, Issue 1 released

Postby pthw199 » Wed Mar 08, 2006 7:30 am

<img src="http://www.argentfire.com/issue1.jpg" align="left" vspace="10"><p>Well it's been but a month since the revival of <a href="http://www.argentfire.com/" target="new">Argent Fire</a> was announced, and in good time the first issue of the newly born magazine has been produced.</p><p>This first/fifth issue contains many exciting fan-produced battletech related articles, including a Lyran themed painitng guide, a competition showcase, original fiction and much more besides.</p><p>This latest issue is available for download <a target="new" href="http://www.argentfire.com">HERE</a>. However it is also worth noting that subscription to Argent Fire is free, and entitles you to receive your copy of Argent Fire via e-mail.</p><p>To subscribe, simply send an email to <a href="mailto:editor@argentfire,com"> editor@argentfire.com</a> requesting to sign up for a free subscription. Please include your name (though this is optional) and a valid email address (this is a requirement) in the email.</p>
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