Sorenson's Sorcerers?

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Sorenson's Sorcerers?

Post by GRUD »

So, a few weeks ago I win 2 different "Editor's Proofs" ("EP") of old BT products, one for Sorensen's Sabres, the other for Fourth Succession War. I finally got them a couple of weeks ago, and as I'm looking over Sorensen's Sabres I notice that there's numerous instances where they're called Sorenson's Sorcerers. Further reading reveals 2 'Mechs I'd never heard of before, and I've no idea why they were dropped. Since there's no artwork (with either "Proof"), there's no telling what the 50-ton "Troll" was supposed to look like. Aside from the Stats, there's no other information on it. :( The same goes for the 40-ton "Ostcour", which is NOT a typo for Ostscout (which is only 35 tons)! Trying to enter the Ostcour into HMPro, I can see why it was dropped: it's 3 tons overweight! :lol: I dropped 3 tons of armor in order to save the design, and posted the Stats in the Designs Forum, along with the Troll. They've also got Stats for the Longbow, plus the Kurita variants of the Archer, Phoenix Hawk and Wasp, all of which match the Stats in HMPro.

Looking through my "Release" ("R") version of the sourcebook, most of the info about the various members and their rides matches up. The "EP" and "R" versions both list the Longbow as weighing 60 tons. :lol: On the other hand, the "EP" also lists the armor for a "Pristine" Longbow, while the "R" version has the armor for Cedric's damaged 'Mech. His only supports 9 points of armor on the LA, rather than the normal 13, for those of you that care. :lol: The "EP" Pilot of the Troll is Mechwarrior Sharron Burgoz, who has a Trebuchet TBT-7K in the "R" version. In the "EP", Mechwarrior Eleanor Rubach is the Ostcour pilot, though she was given a Hermes HER-4K in the "R" version. Actually, it's listed as a "HER-4K Hermes III (ost)", which also mounts 2 large lasers, the same as the Ostcour, though it's a Legal design.

Link to Troll (and Variants) Design post: ... 18&t=18587

Link to Ostcour (and Variants) Design post: ... 18&t=18588
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Re: Sorenson's Sorcerers?

Post by Typhoon »

I'd say you are probably looking at "placeholders". The pilots' names were put in but the author needed to look up the actual mech names before publication so a "placeholder" mech name was put in until the final mech was decided upon.

The author thought he was writing for D&D, which is why he called them "Sorensen's Sorcerers". :wink: :mrgreen:

Now you know the reason why they were called "editor's proofs". 8)

Interesting, none the less. "Editor's proofs" are always neat to read to see how the author changed things for the final release edition. I got my hands on a Tom Clancy "editor's proof", can't remember which book, and was amazed at how many typos, grammar errors, and plot changes I caught. Cool purchase! :thumleft:

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Re: Sorenson's Sorcerers?

Post by thatjimboguy »

Baen Books calls these "e-arcs" for Electronic Advance Reader Copy. They sell them for pretty much every book they release.
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