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here's the next part of chapter 12

“Star Colonel, we are receiving a communication from the planet.”

Tielc gave the tech a look of discussed, “And what does it say freebirth?”

“They wish to accept your challenge offered for the planet sir.”

“Sounds like these freebirth warriors have some honour after all; open the link. Let us see what this freebirth has to say.”

The main view screen went blank, then come to life. The image of a man now dressed in mechwarrior fatigues greeted him. So the Inner sphere has got some guts. The link went active and the man spoke.

“This is Col Ulrich von Lighte of the Pinnacle Homeworld Defence; you offered a challenge and would like to accept it.”

“And with what forces do you defend this planet freebirth?”

The Colonel gave him a venomous stare at the use of the term freebirth, while forcing himself to calmed down before he spoke.
“I have one regiment of frontline mech’s and I will not use aerospace fighters.”

“I bit four Trinaries.”

“Trinary?” Ulrich gave the Tielc a strange look. “What in heavens name is a Trinary?”

Tielc was getting frustrated with this…this man. He calmed himself by reminding himself that this was only a freebirth warrior. “A Trinary consists of three stars and each star in turn may consist of either five battlemech’s or armoured infantry, so that means that I will face you with fifty-five mech’s and five armoured infantry units. I choose to fight this afternoon; the choice of battleground is yours.”

“Then I choose the following co-ordinates.” He gave a signal to someone of-screen and a couple of seconds later, the co-ordinates appeared on the screen.
“This is where my forces will meet yours.”

“Well bargained and done.” And with that the communication link went silent. Tielc looked out the port window at the planet below. At least this conquest would be filled with honour, and from the look of things, possibly a few bondsmen. He relished at the idea of battle.

“Star Commodore Rye, inform my warriors that they are to assemble in the rec-room at once.”

“As you wish Star Colonel.” The commander of the warship looked at the Star Colonel as he left the bridge. He waited until it was safe for him to speak.

He looked at the comms tech, “What are you waiting for freebirth, you heard the Star Colonel speak. Get to it.” The comms tech got such a fright that he started executing the order without replaying to his commander.

He looked ahead out the forward view port, waited a couple of seconds and flicked a switch that opened a communications link to the rest of the ship.

“All hands, prepare for battle, I say again prepare for battle.” And as if by magic, small strike craft shot out of the belly of the cruiser. The Visigoths started to circle around the warship like angry bees protecting their hive.

“Sir, we have incoming enemy fighters, approximately twenty of them.”

Good let them come he thought. He punched a button on his command seats arm rest that opened a comms link between himself and Star Colonel Tielc. “Star Colonel, we have incoming enemy fighters.”

There were several curses over the comms link and then “Where are they coming from?”

“They are coming in from a Jumpship at a pirate jump point close to the planet. Their IFF codes indicate that these fighters belong to the Draconis Combine.”
“Star Commodore, you have permission to engage these forces at your discretion, who-ever no shots will be fired on the Jumpship, unless fired upon. Is that understood?”

“Aff Star colonel.” And with that Tielc severed the comms link. If those surrats want to act without honour, they will be treated as bandits, he thought to himself.

He hoped that he would not need any additional forces; he did not want to own a Crusader any favours in the near future. This battle would be quick and decisive.

As he entered the rec-room on the warship, all soldiers in the room snapped to attention. “At ease men.” he said; “This planet looks like they have warriors worth our honour, they have agreed to meet us on a field of battle. The enemy has agreed to meet us on open ground to the south-east of their main city. We drop in sixty. To your gear Wolves.”

And with that the warrior’s under his command made their way to their equipment. He knew that every man & woman would do him proud, even the couple of Crusaders under his command. He still remembers the last time he made an example of a Crusader that disobeyed his orders. The elemental was still in the med-bay on life support.

He approached his newly acquired Summoner. He had won it in a trail of position four days before they jumped into this system. His Timber Wolf had been blown to pieces in his unit’s last engagement with the Falcon’s only days before the invasion had begun. Because of this, his unit was moved to form part of the first wave of the invasion. He quickly scaled the ladder to his cockpit, once inside he hit the button to retract the chain ladder. Once in place, the hatch sealed. By the time this happened, he had already powered up his mech and was moving towards his drop pod.
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The Drac's just couldn't leave well enough alone.... :twisted:

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next part of chapter 12

Col von Lighte had given orders to prepare the battle zone with the last of the vibro mines and other demolition charges. His plan was to take out as many of these Wolves and the Drac’s as he possibly could. The less more enemy units he could take out before the battle started, the less forces he would loose.

He had also given the order too prepare the Dropships at the emergency sight for lift-off, just in case and he received word through their black-box that a Jumpship would appear at a pirate jump point over the arctic continent in less than thirty-six hours. Burn time from planet to Jumpship at max burn would be thirty hours. Hopefully that was close enough for any survivors to get out of the system, before the warship could intervene.

“Col sir, the comms link you had requested for Major Dwain, has been established sir.” Ulrich looked at the comm tech for a while then nodded his head to indicate that the soldier could activate the link.
“Major, this is Col Von Lighte, has all preparations been made?”

“As you have requested sir. The explosives have been set and the tunnels have been prepared to be sealed behind us when we withdraw. All data on the computers as well as any blue-prints that we had is already under way to point Alpha-Zigma-six, sir.”

“Good work Major. You will start your withdrawal in twelve hours. Make sure that the special units leave first. We need to protect those units at all costs.”

“Sir, yes sir. It was an honour serving with you sir. Black Mage out.” And with that the comms line went dead. Ulrich knew that his orders would be carried out to the letter. Now it was time to get Blacknight and his command informed of the plan as well.

“Private, get Major Harden on the comm. Its time that the forces at the spaceport also got some action.” I need to commit as many of my forces as possible to ensure that we buy enough time for the evac too be completed he thought.

“Sir, the major is on channel five sir.”

“Ok private, put him through.”

“Sir, this is Silver Star, what can I do for you sir?”

“Major its time to move out. Execute plan Delta-five-Xray. The Mages Guild will move out in twelve hours. You will move in eleven hours.”

“Affirmative Col, Silver Star out.”

All the plans were now set in motion. He knew that Rayne would protest against the plan, but he didn’t care. The plans, data and hardware that were being taken to the waiting dropships were critical to the survival of Rassalhague. Rayne would be charged with the safe keeping and delivery of it.

“Sir, Major Rayne has requested that you meet at his field HQ for a debrief on the current situation. He says that his commanders have formulated a plan that could drive the Drac’s out of the city sir.”

“Sounds interesting. Private have the Grave Diggers prepare for my arrival. Its time that the Grim Reaper steps into battle one last time.” And with that Ulrich was on his way too meet up with the rest of his battalion. He would make these Wolves and Drac’s pay dearly for invading his Homeworld. This time, he would not stand back and let the men and women under his command die, while he is being evacuated he thought.


Col Yung had received the communication from their Jumpship in orbit about another enemy Jumpship that appeared. The ship had made contact with the planet and not with his forces. He had ordered the remainder of his aerospace assets to go and deal with this threat to his victory. Sleeping Dragon had also send word that they were in position for their assault.

Tomorrow, this planet will become mine. No one will stop me. All his planning has come together and now it was time for the showdown. These arrogant people of this planet would pay dearly for their mistakes.

He was know looking at the scene in space unfolding above the planet. The Jumpship was projecting the required information down to the Holo map in the mobile HQ. The enemy fighters were of an unknown design and faction as well.

He was certain that his fighters would sort these enemy units out quickly, since his fighters outnumbered the enemy craft by three-to-one. Far the moment at least he had been able to subdue the Rassalhague fighters, and for that reason he had decided to sent up all his available aero space assets.

As the engagement started, he flicked a switch on the holo table to set the display back to the tactical map for tomorrow’s campaign just as his commanders entered the room for their briefing. Excellent he thought, even the two shadow cats are here. It looks like their loyalty could be bought after all.
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Sorry for the long wait, but here is the last part of chapter 12

As Col Yung started his briefing on the planet, his pilots engaged an unknown enemy with fighters that far surpassed their own.

“Star Captain Drake, this is Star Commodore Rye. You have permission to engage the enemy aero space units designated as those from the Draconis Combine. You are not allowed to fire on the Jumpship, unless fired upon, it that understood?”

“Aff Star Commodore.” Was the only reply from Drake. He knew better than to go against orders from Star Col Tielc. He had personally seen what Tielc had done to the elemental and he had heard the medical report. Tielc was definitely one person you did not want to double cross.

He slammed the throttle of his Visigoth full forward and was slammed back into his seat by the force of the engines trust. He checked his HUD and saw that the rest of his squadron was following his lead. He switched on his targeting computer and awaited targeting information.

His HUD told him that the enemy fighters mostly consisted of medium fighters, no real match for his men and woman. He flicked a switch that activated his command circuit; “Engage at maximum range, wait for my signal.”
“Aff” came the reply from the rest of his people. Time to have some fun. He dropped his crosshair over the lead enemy Rapier, waited a couple of seconds to get a positive lock, and cut lose with his ER PPC mounted in the fighters’ nose. His fire was followed mere seconds later by the rest of his wing, & in true clan fashion each of his men had picked their own targets.

His fire slammed into the fuselage just behind the enemy Rapier’s cockpit as the pilot tried to bank out of the line of fire. The enemy fighter gave one shook and the cockpit area split in two as the auto-eject system activated and threw the enemy pilot into space. His wingman fared better. His autocannon fire stitched a pattern from the nose of the enemy fighter straight through the cockpit canopy over to the left wing section of the Stingray. The fighter went of on an aimless course with no pilot to steer the craft.

Before he could further marvel at the ease with which they were dispatching these enemy fighter’s, his crafts missile alert made him back & fire his counter measures. About a third of the SRM’s slammed into the left wing and fuselage of his fighter. He clammed down on his teeth as his fighter shook of the attack. He checked his wireframe and saw that he had lost thirty percent of his armour on the left side of the fighter.

We might be able to dispatch of the fighters easily, but they can also bite back, he thought to himself. Now that would be your only hit against my craft for the day, time to show you the error of your ways. He check his HUD and saw that the fighter was banking to get another shot at him. Not again, he thought as he kicked his fighter into a sharp turn to port open up his thrusters. His fighter shot out of harms way, he then followed up with a sharp back to starboard while executing a back flip that would drop him in behind his query.

The enemy fighter saw what he was doing and tried to break any target lock, by backing hard to port. Unfortunately for him, the clan fighter had more power and was more manoeuvrable than his. Drake dropped in behind him and stabbed down on his firing stud. His ER PPC slammed into the right wing, while his autocannon made pocket holes along the right side of the fuselage. There was a sudden flash from inside one of the holes and the fighter started to back to starboard. He could understand why the pilot was doing this, as it brought him right back in line with his craft, then he realised what must have had happened as he saw that the aileron was not moving out of its starboard bank. The flash that he had seen must have been the aileron control circuit that had exploded.

This pilot was worth becoming a bondsman. He took careful aim and fired of another session of AC fire. The rounds slammed into the right wing, shearing it off at the fuselage. The pilot ejected from his fighter. He sent an encoded transmission to the warship for the pilot to be collected with the location of the escape pod. As he was receiving confirmation from the Golden Wolf, his fighters’ missile warning started to scream at him, while his wingman was screaming “break right” at the same time.
He instinctively followed the shouted warning, while releasing his counter measures. This time, it was more effective and only two missiles hit his right wing. He immediately tracked the missiles vector, and saw that the launch platform was the Draconis Combine Jumpship. It still had its sail deployed for charging its batteries. Drake flicked a switch that activated his personal link with Star Commodore Rye. “Star Blazer, this is Wolf’s Bain, the enemy Jumpship just opened fire on me, request permission to engage?”

“Wolf’s Bain, this is Star Blazer, the rest of your group has also come under attack from the enemy ship. Engagement is a negative; the Golden Wolf will take care of this one for you.”

“Affirmative Star Blazer, Wolf’s Bain out.” Poor fools won’t know what hit them he thought. He flicked the switch back to his tac channel, “Warf Flight, do not engage the enemy ship. I just received confirmation that Golden Wolf will take care of the problem. Lead out”

He heard cheers coming over the comm; it was always a sight to behold the fire power of their bigger brethren in battle. This would be a sight to see indeed. He checked his HUD and saw that one enemy fighter was making for the warship. He would make sure that the little one would not bother Golden Wolf. He fired his thrusters. As he accelerated, he waited for five seconds, then he broke the throttles neck and pushed straight through to maximum burn. He knew that the enemy fighter would not escape his velocity. He would have a positive target in six seconds. He waited patiently, three, two, one. He stab his thumb down his firing stud. The ER PPC spat out a blue bolt of manmade lightning. The energy ball slammed into the Stingray’s right wings, blasting a whole straight through. He followed that up with his autocannon. The tracer rounds slammed into the fighter’s already damaged right wing and stitched a path across the fuselage.

The fighter started to wobble, while starting to drift of course. The pilot struggled in vainly to control his fighter. Drake suddenly realised that the enemy pilot was planning to ram his craft into the Golden Wolf’s bridge. Not on my watch. He levelled out, putting his own craft on a collision course with the stricken enemy fighter. He accelerated to maximum speed, and again cut lose with all his weapons. This time his fire slammed into the cockpit of the enemy fighter. The force of the assault was enough to knock the fighter of course. The resulting explosion ripped the fighter apart. Drake pulled back with everything he had to avoid the explosion. He went straight through the fireball; the debris damaged his port engine, which he killed with the flick of a switch.

He immediately checked his HUD to see whether there were any more stray and honourless dogs that needed taking care of. He saw that the last of the enemy fighters were being dispatched by his men. Good, he thought to himself, now to get this fighter back to her berth for repairs. As he started his approach, he decided to wait and see what the enemy ship would do. The Golden Wolf was in range with her long range weapons. She had not turned to any side, so a broadside was out of the question, instead she fires all forward facing weapons. The enemy ship retaliated in response, but it was like shooting at the warship with a pee-shooter. The Golden Wolf shook of the feeble attack, and released her own firepower. The PPC’s blasted straight through the solar sail, while the naval autocannons blasted their way through the hull at the middle of the ships spine. The final blow came as the Golden Wolf launched two anti-ship missiles.

The weapons caught the enemy ship mid-section and blasted it to bits. There would be no survivors or bondsman taken from that wreckage. He turned his fighter to the fighter bays on the warship, send he request to land. He received confirmation for landing and was also informed that the escape pod of the enemy fighter had been retrieved. This was a good day, he thought to himself, and with that he sent the signal to rest of his flight to return to base, for resupply and repair.
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Had some time to kill at work, so here's chapter 13

Chapter 13

PHDF forward field Command
Free Rassalhague Republic
20 July 3050
08:00 Bravo

They had just witnessed what had happened between the Draconis Combine Jumpship and the Wolf Clan warship. Everybody was still starring at the holo projector from shock, nobody saying a word. None of them could believe what they had just witnessed. The Combine Jumpship been destroyed with such ease as though it had no armament at all. For these enemy warriors it had been like taking candy from a baby.

Col Von Lighte spoke first. “Private Jennings, send a high alert message over the black box network, inform our inbound jumpships not to engage the enemy aerospace assets under any condition. We can not afford to lose those jumpships.”

Ulrich received a nod of confirmation from Pvt Jennings before continuing. He looked at his commanders, well its time that they all know way this planet and its mech production facilities are so important. “Ok, lets get down to business. Private is the room secure?”

Ulrich waited while Jennings checked her system. “Room secure sir.”

“Thank you private.” He turned his attention once more to his now very quarries group of commanders. “The reason why I was send to this planet as commander was because of a Star League Brain Cache that was discovered by our explorer corps under the southern arctic ice-cap. Among the information that was retrieved is the upgrades that has been given to all Home Guard units on planet. We were also able to retrieve several new tank designs, mech proto-types and from what the scientists have been able to get out of the system, what looks to be a very early powered body armour for infantry units. We have constructed a company of the new mech’s & two lances of the new heavy tank designs that we were able to get into production. We were expecting the Drac’s to attack, but not so soon. Either way, the arrival of the Clan Wolf would have forced our hand either way. Major Black, you will be tasked with responsibility to ensure that these machines along with the rest of the information leaves the planet in tact. The future of the Republic rests in your hands.”

He waited for the news to sink in. Suddenly the room exploded as every per started to give his or her opinion and at the same time launching their questions at their commanding officer. The only one who was quite, was Major Black. He just sat there looking at his CO and the rest of the officers, then he stood up and everybody went silent. As quite returned to the briefing room, he looked at each officer individually, and then he spoke.

“Sir, it would be my honour. As for the rest of my battalion, I will place them at your disposal sir, except for my command company. I will require their assistance to successfully carry out this mission sir.” And with that Rayne took his seat again. Ulrich looked at the man, then said, “Your command will not be assigned else were Major, You still have a battle-plan to execute and if I am not mistaken, we still need your Battalion for the first part of the plan. The emergency evac tunnels that you will be using, will be sealed behind you. The boys and girls in the new toys might also want to play with us, so I leave it up to you to ensure that they follow orders major, or should I say Commandant?”

Rayne looked shock and surprised this time around, “sir what do you mean Commandant?”

Ulrich looked at his friend and said, “You deserve it, and when you reach your destination, you will be placed in command of the First Pinnacle Royal Dragoon Regiment. That is my last act as your commanding officer. The reason for the promotion to Commandant is to ensure that the jumpship Captains will follow your every command. If all goes according to plan, you will be leaving here with most of our forces and for that reason also, you have been promoted. A major just simply can not be in command of more than two battalions.”

Rayne suddenly smiled, “Sir, I take it that you and the Grave Diggers do not intent on leaving the planet with us.”

It was Ulrich’s turn to smile, “You are quite correct in your assumption Commandant, we will be holding the door open for you, and will make sure that the enemy has a tough time to take this planet. The under ground bases are well supplied and stocked, we should be able to survive for quite some time.”
Protest started coming in from the rest of the officers, but Rayne quickly subdued them, taking on his new role as second in command. “The Col has made his choice, and we will respect it. I will allow for two companies to stay behind with the Col for extra support. The personnel whom are interested must give their names up by no later than 08h50. After I have the names, a computer program will randomly select the twenty-four people who will be staying behind. If any tank crews request to stay, the entire crew will count as one body. The required technical personnel will also be selected likewise. Report back at 08h45 with the list from your individual battalions, dismissed.”

And with that the commanders left Ulrich and Rayne alone. When the command tent was empty, Rayne dropped into his chair. “Why did you have to do this to me Ulrich? You know a hate command and more than that, you are going to need me more here.”

“I knew what your reaction would be if I had tolled you about my plans, that is why I had arranged for things the why they are know. The Clans’ had not been part of the plan though. Now more than ever, you need to carry out these orders. The Dracs are a minor threat compared to this Clan Wolf. You need to ensure that any battlerom’s that you can collect, also go with you so that the attack patterns of this new threat can be analyzed. And one last thing Rayne…”

He waited till he had Rayne’s attention. “You will need to get your mech on one of those dropships before the assault starts; and before you complain, there is a new model waiting for you to test drive. Take care of her and she’ll take care of you.”

“Thank you sir.” And with that Rayne got and left the tent to go and collect his new ride at the emergency evacuation area. Ulrich just hoped that the new model would serve him as well as his old Highlander. He flicked a switch and looked at the holo-projection of the new Highlander MK2ZS. Better armour, new double strength meymor, new Heat sinks, upgraded power-plant and then the arsenal. He was sure that Rayne would love his new ride.
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Sorry for the wait, but work was hectic the last couple of weeks. So here's the next part of Chapter 13

Star Commodore Ray was disappointed in the level of resistance that the enemy ship and her fighter’s had put up, but at least his crew had gotten some action for a change. These Draconis Combine soldiers were really a crazy lot. How could they possibly think that they could take on a warship from Clan Wolf and survive the fight? He looked out the forward viewport. The debris from the enemy jumpship were floating in space. He was still looking at the debris as salvage crews started to go through the junk.

Aggghhh he thought to himself. These damn techs always have to scavenge for scrap after every battle. He knew that it was part of their job, and it was necessary to keep their equipment operational and in a good state of repair, but he just could not get used to the idea.

He thought were interrupted by his second in command, “Commodore, combat drop operations are ready to begin at your command sir.”

Ray looked at his first officer, nodded and then opened a ship wide channel. “This is Star Commodore Ray, commence combat drop operations immediately. All guardian fighters are to launch immediately.” And with that he killed the link. Star Capt, please keep me informed on the status of the drop.”

“Aff, Star Commodore”. Sheela continued to monitor her status window. At least she didn’t have to wait long before she could report that all drop pods had been jettisoned. She knew that the Golden Wolf had been left out of the fight for the planet. So she quickly checked the current listings for the Bloodname battle that was coming up before the next jump. If she could get a bloodname, her own warship or even combat Dropship would not be out of her reach. The trails according to the posting would be held on the planet below. She had already prepared her fighter and had spent extensive time in the warships battle-simulators for commanding a warship and combat Dropship.

She would win her Bloodname or die trying. The name of Conners would be hers.


Rayne had just arrived at the evac tunnels were the convoy awaited him. He walked his mech over to the mech transport that was shown to him. He parked his mech and went through the shut-down procedure. As the mech went dark, he felt sorry to step out of its cockpit for the last time. This mech had served him well ever since he had graduated with top honours from his class at the Royal Rassalhague Battle Academy.

He opened the hatch and made his way to the bottom of the mech, were an eagerly waiting airman was waiting to take him to his new ride. The trip was quick and quite. He stepped of the hover jeep at the base of a covered gantry. The chief tech, a Master at arms, saw him and walked over. The tech saluted him, and returned the salute likewise.

“Please follow me sir. Sorry that she is still under the drape, but Colonel Von Lighte gave express orders to only remove the covers once you are sealed up in the cockpit sir.”

“Its ok Arms, I had thought that the Col might pull something like this when he told me about a new ride waiting for me.”

The tech looked at him quizzically, then asked him” What did the colonel tell you about your new ride commandant?”

Rayne looked at the man, and then said “I’m not even surprised that you know about my promotion, and the colonel only told me that there was a new ride waiting for me here.”

The tech’s smile broadened as they approached the elevator that would take them to the cockpit. He turned around at the bottom, and said: “Then this is where I will leave you sir. I think you need some time to get acquainted. I there are any questions, you can contact me on channel four-seven-alpha.” And with that the tech left Rayne to ascend to the cockpit on his own.

As Rayne climbed into the cockpit, he hit the switch that sealed up the mech and brought its power plant to standby. He seated himself in his command seat and pulled down his neurohelmet after strapping himself into the seat. He then hit the start button on the command console which brought the engine to life along with the security protocol.

“Identify” come the first command.

“Commandant Rayne Black, number 4537892-alpha”

“Pilot identity confirmed, second stage password required for full system activation.”

“One step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

“Welcome aboard Blacknight, system now activating”, and with that he heard the engine roar to life at full power, he suddenly noticed that the console layout was a lot like that of his old mech. He waited for his weapon systems to come on line.

He could not believe what he was seeing. This was definitely a Highlander, but the configuration and the power output of the engine was wrong, he was shure of that. He looked at his weapons, in the right arm, he sported a Heavy Gauss rifle,
In the left fore-arm he had two X-beam medium lasers. His left chest sported a SRM-6 launcher while both legs sported a fire and forget LRM-4 launcher system. He also had jumpjets and his AMS system. The mech also had ECM and an active probe installed.

The heatsinks was something else; this mech carried half the amount that his old mech had carried. He key the comms system to the channel the tech had said he could use if there were any questions. “Arms, this is Blacknight, I have a couple of questions.”

“I think I know some of the questions, so let me explain what I can and then if there are any other questions, you can fire away.”
“OK Arms, go ahead.”

“Firstly the fusion engine is a new generation engine, its smaller, more compact and kicks out twice the amount of power of its previous model. Then the meymor system has been upgraded to a new double strength capacity, what this basically means is that when the mech is cool, the mech will operate at normal speed and strength, as the mech heats up the meymor bundles get a boots in strength. This means that your speed of movement and the strength of the mech are increased by a factor of about one-point-five. Then there are the heat sinks, although they are less, they operate at twice the capacity of the previous ones. That is way the system is identifying them as double heat sinks. Then the X-Beam lasers. This is a new type laser; the reason for the X is because it’s a prototype laser. They use less energy, cycle faster than existing medium lasers, cause more damage and can be fired for a longer period of time.
And don’t worry about loosing armour, you have a new proto-armour that can take about three times the punishment of regular armour, and it is lighter, so we could add more armour than normal.
The LRM-4 launchers on the legs, is a once off use. Once they have been used, you can discard the launchers by flicking the yellow switch below the status screen.
Then lastly, the Gauss Rifle is also something new. All of the tech on the mech is what we were able to pull from the Brain Cache Core that we found in the Arctic Circle.”

“That explains a lot, OK Arms drop these covers, its time that I take this beast out for a test drive.”

“As you wish sir, and there are some people here how would like to join on that test drive, if they have permission sir.”

Before he could answer, the drape dropped away and in front of him was an entire company of mechs and two lances of armour. All painted in the same scheme and with the same symbol on their right chests. He zoomed in on the insignia, and immediately recognised it as that of the First Royal Pinnacle Dragoons.

“Sir we request permission to join you in the upcoming battle.”

“Request grunted, but the moment a give the command to withdraw to the tunnels, no arguments. The tanks will deploy at close proximity to the tunnels. I don’t intend on loosing any of these units. Do I make myself clear?”

“Sir, yes sir” was the response over the comms channel. “Move-out Dragoons”, and with that the command company of the First Royal Dragoons moved out to meet their adversaries head on.

Rayne ensured that the deployment of the units were executed according to plan. He also oversaw the relocation of the artillery and some armour units to ensure that they had a couple of escape routes in the event of trouble. He never did like to take chances. As the last of the units were deployed to their slotted positions, he took up his position next to Ulrich. Their two mechs standing side by side was a formidable sight to behold. Ulrich in his DC-Atlas Mk3zs and Rayne in his new Highlander MK2ZS. Both mechs had been equipped with the new weapon systems.

He received a message from space command that the Wolves were dropping in from orbit. He relayed the message to the rest of their forces. Time to see what these new toys can do, he thought to himself. Suddenly his system went active, “This is Snake-eyes, the Dracs are on the move, they are coming up with everything they’ve got.”

“All units, this is Reaper, you have permission to engage once enemy units are in range. Good luck people. Reaper out.” As Ulrich cut his transmission, the first of the earthbound enemies drop pods started to split open. His battle computer tried to identify the enemy mech’s but it could not. The one unit was first identified as a Marauder and then as a Catapult. As more enemy mechs made land fall, the battle computer struggled to identify the enemy units.

“Blacknight, is your system also unable to identify these enemy mechs?”

“That is affirmative Reaper. These mechs are of unknown design.” He flicked a switch on his console, “All units, this is Blacknight, record as much data on these Clan Wolf units and transmit to the evac dropships for archiving. We need as much data as possible.”

There was no reply and he did not expect one. He knew that his orders would be carried out to the letter. As he looked at the mechs in front of him, a mech with three stars painted below the Crest of Clan Wolf stepped forward. It raised its right arm and fired at the Colonel’s mech. The beam weapon could not be mistaken for anything else, except a PPC. The problem was that the fire come from twice there range.

“Demit, that hit took twenty percent off my mech’s right arm armour and they are beyond the effective range off our weapons.”, Ulrich flicked a switch that activated his general broadcast frequency to all units.” This is Reaper, all units close range and engage the enemy, they outdistance us, and from the look of things, their weapons can cuase us a serious amount of damage at their maximum distance.” And with that both he and Ryane put their assault mech’s into a lumbering run.
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Chapter 14

Outskirts Durango City
Orion Battlemech Production
Free Rassalhague Republic
20 July 3050
09:30 Bravo

“Black Mage, this is Ice-hound; the Drac units have started to withdraw towards Durango. No units are staying behind.”

“Ice-hound, Black Mage; follow them and ensure that they are leaving the area. I don’t want to leave our defences with them suddenly charging us again.”

“Affirmative Black Mage.” And with that the comms went dead. Dwain waited a couple of seconds then thought better of it then to let the recon group alone. He had already lost Venom and his crew. He changed frequency to their fly-boys.

“Revenge one, Black Mage; do you read?”

There was a short wait before the reply come through. “Read you 5/5 Black Mage. How can I be of assistance?”

“We need a recon flight over our sector, ground scouts report that the Dracs are falling back towards Durango City. I want to make sure that they aren’t planning a surprise attack with those jump capable units of theirs.”

“Roger Black Mage, Revenge flight will do recon over your sector in five, and provide some air cover for your move. Might lesson the odds while we’re up their. You boys and galls in your mechs can’t have all the fun. Revenge lead out.”

Dwain switched back to his command frequency. “All units, hold positions. Revenge flight will be here in five for recon and air cover, once they give the all clear. Screw-up, are the demo charges in place.”

“As per your request sir. All charges have been set to vital systems and building weak points. Anybody looking for tech, will have a bad day, and this will be a very nice fireworks display.”

Dwain almost said something over the general frequency, but caught himself in time. He switched to his private link with Screw-up. “If you ever go on about a firework display when blowing up our installations; I’ll you in the DB for that. Once we are ten out, blow the charges.”

“Affirmative Black Mage.” Even when disciplining Screw-up, he always smiled. Dwain was just happy that this idiot was on his side. Screw-up way to much enjoyed blowing stuff up for comfort, and that was scary.

He looked at his time displayed on the HUD. 3 minutes and counting, then he would know which way to use to get clear of the factory complex. At least the special units would have reached their destination by know. He hoped that his sacrifice would be enough to keep those units out of enemy hands. He checked his list again, only the injured would leave the planet, the rest of his battalion would stay by the Col side.

His speakers crackled to life, “Black mage, Revenge One. The enemy has left no mechs that we can see. Will do three strafing runs of there camp site. If nothing happens, then they are truly gone.”

“Roger Revenge one, awaiting your go-ahead.” He looked up and saw the first three flights of Revenge wing diving out of the sky towards the woods. He saw the lead craft cut loose with its PPC, just as it disappeared over the forest canopy line. He waited.

“Black Mage this is, Ice-hound. The area is littered with mines. I say again the area is littered with mines. The first strafing run set off some of them. The secondary explosions took half the camp towards the south with it.”

“Revenge One, Black Mage; do you read?”

“Affirmative Black Mage, that was a close one. Take your secondary route. We’ll keep them busy and pull some of the units that turned around onto the complex. We’ll send you a signal when to blow the place.”

“Roger Revenge One, Black Mage out.” He changed his freq to command channel, “Mages Guild, withdraw through secondary gate. Screw-up, you will await signal from Revenge lead to blow the place. All units move out.”

He knew that Screw-up would follow his orders, but he would most likely be outside somewhere from where he could watch the fireworks. He just shoke his head at the thought and followed the rest of his battalion.

John banked his fighter hard to the right to avoid the Riflemen’s return fire. Suddenly the mech disappeared in a cloud of smoke as missile from Revenge three and four slammed into the mech rear armour, followed second later by the energy weapons of five and six. As the smoke started to clear he could see the mech stumbling forward, then the mech’s cockpit exploded as the ejection pod sailed clear of the dead mech. The mech crashed forward, slamming what remained of the cockpit into and old three.

That pilot was lucky, John thought to himself. He checked his hud to see how many enemy units were around. His target computer indicated about two companies worth of mech’s less the Riflemen and the Hunchback that flights four to six took down only minutes before his three flights, took down the Riflemen.

He opened a channel to his squadron. “Revenge squadron, time to draw these units onto the base. We have ten to do it in, then we reach zero limit on fuel.”

“Affirmative,” was the only reply that he received. Time to get these mech’s all busted up.
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Screw-up was laying on a hill five clicks from the factory. He had his field binoculars up, and was checking out the scene that was unfolding in front of him. The mech come running out of the forest after their airborne aggressors. He had been looking at the scene for about three minutes now, and the enemy units had totalled twenty in total when they had emerged from the forest. Now only sixteen remained, and the fly-boys had lost no aircraft yet.

Suddenly the enemy mech’s charged the factory complex. Within a couple of seconds they were safely inside the complex, between the buildings. He saw Revenge squadron pulling for high orbit, then his comm link went active.

“Packages secure.” He had been waiting all morning to hear that command. He flicked the switch on the detonator and pressed down on the button. Three, two, one……

The earth shattered underneath him, and slowly but surely a cloud rose up from what once had been the planets most valuable resource. He ducked his head into his arms as the shock wave and the debris from the explosion swept over his location.

He lay like that for what felt like an eternity. He only dared to lift his head once he couldn’t hear any more debris flying overhead. The site that greeted him was one of utter destruction. The area around where the factory used to be was littered with bits and pieces of the complex and mech’s. A couple of enemy armoured units that were to slow to make onto the base was scurrying around the carnage looking for survivors. He took one last look at the scene, back away from the edge of the hill until he was sure he would not be spotted.

He rolled over, gut to his feet and made his way to where he had parked his RAT. When he got to the vehicle, he pressed a button on the console that transmitted a compressed and encrypted data sequence to inform command that the factory complex was gone. He hoped in and checked his GPS to see how long it would take him to reach his next target. He buckled up, closed the hatch and floored his reconnaissance vehicle to top speed. Twenty minutes he thought, I’m sure I can do it in ten.
And with that he was gone, the factory forgotten, and his next target for destruction on his mind. He was just wondering with what he was going to blow up a Dropship. He wanted to make sure that the Drac’s had difficulty getting home. He knew that he was disobeying orders again. Well if he survived this one, he would most likely be court-martialled.

He started laughing at the thought.
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..and I have to wait two months for an update?????? :lol:

Nice one


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Interesting Story, I like Many Thanks.


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Here's a quick update between work and travel

“Cpl Wu, get Major Chu-Lee on the con. I want to know the current situation at the factories.” Col Yung didn’t wait for a reply, he had to avoid incoming autocannon fire.

He waited two heart beats, then stepped his Atlas out of cover; got a positive weapons lock on his aggressor and cut lose with his AC20. The tracer rounds slammed into the enemy Crusader just below the right hip joint and traced a line up to the already damaged left torso. As his last round slammed into the enemy mech, his missile warning system started screaming.

Suddenly the Crusaders’ launchers opened up and spew forth their load of angry missiles screaming towards their target, the mech of Col Yung. He activated his AMS system, but could only take down half the flight of missiles. He had just recovered from the missile impacts, when missile warning system screamed at him again. He could not believe it, the Crusader’s pilot had launched a second salvo at his mech. This time his AMS was not effective at all. He braced himself as the missiles slammed into his mech.

He checked his mech’s wireframe, and saw that he would not be able to take another hit on the right side. If another barrage hit him, he would lose his Autocannon and medium laser along with his mech’s right arm. He immediately duct his mech back in behind the buildings as his missile warning flared up again.

This time at least the building shook under the assault, instead of his mech. “Fey Lung, I can’t raise Major Chu-Lee or any of his commander’s sir. I have sent out a recon flight to investigate….. Live video feed coming in now sir.”

Yung punched the feed up on his secondary screen, what he saw he could not believe. Chu-Lee’s camp area was littered with craters and five wrecked mechs. The camp was soon lost was the scout plane moved in the direction of the factory complex. The sight that greeted him was shocking.

The fields were littered with mech pieces, and the factory complex was completely destroyed. Only a crater and blackened mountains remained of the complex. He saw several armoured unit still active. Most likely searching the wreckage for survivors.

“Aaagggghhhhhh!” Yung screamed in frustration. He opened his comms link, “Cpl Wu, send a dropship their and immediately order the survivors to the city. We need those heavy tanks. Send activation code Sierra-alpha-five-seven-sigma.” And with that Yung cut his comms. He knew that his orders would be carried out to the letter. He checked his tac map and assessed his situation.

He selected Goliath company’s frequency, time to end this stand-off he thought to himself. “Red fury, this is Fey Lung, request fire support in sector delta-seven-alpha, co-ordinates five-niner-seven-zero.”

“Roger Fey Lung, fire support in five.” And with that he started counting, five, four, three, two, one…… the earth underneath his mech’s feet trembled as the artillery fire landed on co-ordinates. As always, Red Fury was on time and on target. The man might make a good commander one day. He waited a few more seconds, then stepped his mech out from behind the building he had been using as a shield. The enemy bunker was no more, only a crater remained of the area it once occupied.

The rest of his company joined him, as the approached the area with caution. His missile warning system flared up again, as another swarm of missiles came charging at his mech. This time the AMS was far more effective and took out almost all inbound missiles, the remaining four that got through slammed into his mech left chest and arm. He immediately scanned the area for his aggressor and to his surprise, it was the same battle damaged Crusader.

How the hell did he avoid the artillery barrage. “All unit, open fire on that blasted enemy mech.” And with that he let fly with his LRM’s, medium lasers and autocannon. The Crusader was suddenly hidden in a cloud of smoke as missiles, lasers and ballistic rounds slammed into it. As the cloud started to lift, Yung could see the enemy mech still standing, he got mad and settled his crosshairs on the mech’s head, when he got a lock, he send a beam from his large laser at the enemy pilots cockpit.

When the beam hit the head of the Crusader, the mech simply slid down sideways. Only then did Yung see that the pilot had propped his mech up against the building behind it. It must have been a last ditched effort to take him out. A valiant sacrifice. He admired the enemy pilot’s courage and at the same time hated him for his stubbornness to die. “All units, this is Fey Lung. Move out.”

He stood still as the rest of his company started to move out. “Cpl WU, recall all units at the spaceport and have them protect our remaining dropships, along with 4th Armoured division.”

“Affirmative sir, Wu out.”

Yung started after the rest of his unit. He had to take the command centre at the Fort, it was the only way to take this world.
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Last part of chapter 14

Master Sergeant Vince Gordon checked his HUD one last time to ensure that his people were in place for their ambush. These damn Dracs have pinned down two of his squads and blocked their escape routes, so it was time open a new route for them.

He suddenly heard the clunk-clunk sound of an approaching mech. He comm went active, “Black Wolf, this is Ghost one, enemy units approaching your position. Two Locust’s, three APC’s and what looks like about two squads of infantry in tow.”

“Roger Ghost one. Once they are past your position wait ten and blow the charges. Get the rest of your team into their secondary positions.”

“Affirmative” was only reply that Vince received from the special ops team leader placed under his command. An excellent commander, even though he outranked Vince, he still deferred to Vince’s command. He switched frequencies, “All units, enemy approaching and in contact in five. Toaster teams are to focus their fire on the enemy mech’s and APC’s. Riot control to take care of the infantry and any stranglers. Once primary targets are down, clean up the area. Delta team, you are to close the whole in front of us the minute the Primary targets are engaged.
Charlie team deploy ECM on my mark. Black Wolf out.”

With that, Vince picked up his launcher and had it loaded. He waited, as the enemy units came into view, he started to count “five, four, three, two, one, mark!” and with that he let fly with his first two missiles. He saw the trails of others also streaking towards their targets. The missiles exploded and covered the mech’s in a petroleum jelly. Before the last of the Inferno missiles slammed into the second mech, his launcher had been reloaded. He took aim on the first of the APC’s and fired. He dropped the launcher, grabbed his portable Gauss Rifle and run to his next position.

As he slammed into the ground behind cover, he heard the charges detonate that sealed of both ends of the street. Now the enemy units were trapped. He moved to a firing position, brought the rifle to his shoulder, and took aim. The first face that appeared in his sights was that of the enemy infantry commander, he waited two seconds and squeezed the trigger. The sonic boom was the only report audible over the carnage below. The commanders head snapped back, and then he dropped lifeless to the ground. Before any could react, Vince had shifted target to the XO and turned his head into a canoe as well. Vince quickly dropped three more officers, then dropped the empty mag, and moved to his next location while slamming home a fresh clip.

“Sir the enemy mech’s are down and burning and the APC’s have been disabled. The infantry are scattering for cover.”
“Detonate APM’s immediately.”

“Affirmative sir.” And with that he heard the explosion and the sudden cries from the enemy soldiers as the anti-personal mines metal spikes and balls went through their bodies. He waited ten long counts, then opened his comms on a general frequency. “All units, this is Black Wolf, move in and mop up. We have two more areas to clean up to get our own APC’s in to get our men out.”

And with that order given, he moved back to were he had left his Inferno launcher, picked it up and went down stair to assist his men in cleanup operations. As an after thought, he selected Ghost one’s frequency. “Ghost one this is Black Wolf.”

“Black Wolf, Ghost one. Go ahead.”

“I require your team to move to the next target area for advanced surveillance and recon. I don’t want any surprises once we get there.”

“Affirmative Black Wolf, Ghost one out”.

Time to get moving. Those other teams have to be extracted asap. They were required at the command centre and then his teams had to move to base alpha-niner-seven, the main underground facility. He and his men had volunteered to stay behind with the colonel and their offer had been accepted. His unit had been charged with the primary defence to bases entrance.

One simple order had been given, “If the enemy comes in too great numbers to handle them, blow the primary and secondary entrances at the same time. The Gravediggers will use the tunnel systems to get to the base.”

So, his unit had set demolition charges that would collapse the first four-hundred meters of both tunnels, and then they had set out on their current mission when they were informed that three squads had been trapped behind enemy lines.

As he emerged at the bottom of the building, his men had salvaged what they could from the enemy soldiers, along with one fully operational enemy communicator set, which his comms officer was already busy with.

“Sir, we can get accurate locations of enemy troop movements and more important sir. I know were our trapped men are.” This brought a cheer from the men, but was quickly cut short as the comms tech lifted his hand as his face went white. “Sir, the Drac’s are keeping the men pinned down to allow their remaining fighters to drop napalm on their location!”

This brought about a sudden soberness under his men, and a new drive to rescue their men. “Cpl, what are the bombers ETA?”

“Twenty minutes sir.”

Vince thought a while then made a decisive decision. “Sent a message to the men, tell them to make themselves very small in their holes, and then see if you can triangulate the enemy units positions.”

The operator looked at his commander questioningly, but Vince just continued, “Sergeant Doolabh, I have new orders for your squad. I need you to sequir me a route out of that sector our men are in. Line the way with as many demolition charges as possible. Cpl do have those co-ordinates for me yet?”

“Yes sir.”

“Ok, get Long drop on the line and tell them to send cluster round to those co-ordinates in four. Also tell them to keep it tight and to link the co-ordiantes to form a solid line. Give them our boys co-ordinates as well so that we don’t drop friendly fire on them. Delta squad along with Zulu will go and assist Ghost one and his boys to make extra noise at the ambush site in ten. Viper and Omega squad with me and the transports, we are going to get the rest of our boys. Lets move out!”

And with that his men started to move. As he was mounting his ride, he got confirmation from his comms tech that Long Drop would deliver the goodies in four. He checked to ensure that both his squads were mounted before he told his driver to move out. As they approached the area, he saw Viper squad leaping of their rides to take up support positions on both sides of the streets. Luckily, Ghost and his boys had cleared the area out earlier that day as this was the original escape route, which would now have more damage than he had anticipated or would have liked.

He heard something that sounded like a freight train approach overhead, and realised that the assault on the area had begun He indicated to his driver to slow down. He jumped of the transport and run ahead. He waited as he heard the last of the artillery shells hitting the area. His scout team was first to report in, “Sir, we have enemy units moving this way and towards Zulu and delta.”

The enemy commander is no fool, he thought to himself. Suddenly there was an explosion so violent that the earth shook under his feet. “Report” he barked.

“Sir, the artillery boys have added a surprise of their own. Some of those rounds they send in were scatter mines. One of the enemy tanks just set of a couple and blew itself to hell.” He just laughed when he heard what Long Drop had done. “Remind me too thank them. Rapier one this is Black Wolf.”

“Black wolf, Rapier one go ahead.”

“We are at the extraction point, will provide cover fire in three. Move your men to our location.”

“Affirmative Black Wolf.”

Vince was already moving to a point were he would be able to provide covering fire. He saw a Drac stick his head out of a hole, took aim and squeezed his Gauss Rifle’s trigger. The man was jerked in two directions as his round and another slammed into the man’s head and chest. Another Drac popped up in his place. This time he saw an exhaust trial and then the crater that was their hiding place went up in smoke. Now that is a way to get rid of a pest.

As he took sight on another Drac, his comm set went active, “Sir, they set a trap for us. They have two lances of mech waiting on the other side of the square, and another lance is moving in behind us.”

Vince had a choice to make, and he made it. “Doolabh, seal our exit so that lance can’t get to us and make sure that you give them a burial as well.”

“Yes sir.”

“Zulu squad, go open the passage in the sports shop to our tunnels and rigg the entrance with enough explosives to bring the building down on top of it.”

“Yes sir.” He looked at his chronometer, saw another Drac and turned his head into a cano. Two more quickly followed the first, before their hole was turned into a smoking pile of rubble by a couple of SRM’s. “Sir we have all the survivors on board.”

“Good, move to the secondary extraction point.” He immediately followed his own order after dropping two more Drac infantry men. They needed to get out of there immediately. He felt the explosion long before he heard them.

“Sir, we sealed the entrance, but one mech cleared the explosion with its jump jets. We are pined down.”

“I’m on my way. Viper squad, form on me.” As his power armour helped to move quicker he could hear the ratling sound of an Auto-cannon followed by the woosh of missiles being launched. As he was nearing the end of the street, he suddenly heard the boom of a Gauss Rifle, and this one was definitely not an infantry rifle. As he rounded the corner, the sight that greeted him, made him stop dead in his tracks.

In front of him was a huge tank painted white with two huge barrels and dual missile pods on both sides of the turret. His radio cracked, “This is Commander Alexa, Major Black thought that you boys could use some assistance from the 1St Pinnacle Dragoons.”
He struggled to fined his voice, and then when he did he could only utter “Thanks”. He stood there dum struck for a while longer when the explosion in the square snapped him out of it.

“Everybody, move too the extraction point. We blow the entrance in ten.” And with that he jumped up onto the tank. He opened a comms line to the tank’s commander.

“Thanks for the assist Commander. We would really have been in a serious world of hurt if you had not shown up.”

“It a pleasure Master Sergeant. Now lets get this monster under ground before the enemy discover that not all of those scatter mines are real.”
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