Help! Lost my research!

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Help! Lost my research!

Post by Red Pins » Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:35 am

I used a spiral notebook to record the timeline for my Wolverine AU project and lost it! I need some help recreating the timeline, specificly the newer fluff books from WizKids and Catalyst.

I've checked my collection and found references in TC: WoK, BattleSpace, Blake Docs, and Warden Clans. I am looking for cannon FACTS, but need to know the rumors found in the newer books to see if they can be made to fit my AU. This is what I have so far;

?? ???, 2811 – ComStar creates ROM. By 2812 they are posted around the IS,
With particular interest in the CC.

26 May, 2822 – End of Operation Klondike.

29 June, 2822 – McEvedy decides to establish colony and future homeworlds
further from the Pentagon. 1 Month after the end of Klondike,
the decision is made to isolate the Clan, and a small expedition is
sent out to prepare the planet for a new colony, to become the
Wolverine capital.

28 Aug, 2823 – Grand Council declares Brian Cache on Circe which the
Wolverines used to equip their Touman was to be shared with the Ravens.

30 Sept, 2823 – Vote passed by the Grand Council. McEvedy calls for Trial of
***** - The saKhan was already on Circe, “attending to business” during the vote.

7 Oct, 2823 – The Trial of Refusal was fought, the Wolverines lost.

8 Oct, 2823 – Grand Council convenes; McEvedy declares the Wolverines
independent. Nicholas orders her arrest; McEvedy draws her pistol and summons a “detachment of troops”. She warns them the Wolverines will not hold back, and “storms out”.
***** - McEvedy escapes Strana Mechty.
***** - Hallis is probably ordered to begin prep for a 3rd Exodus on this date.

10 Oct, 2823 – Ravens probe their border with the Wolverines. Wolverines sack
Dehra Dun, retreating from Mongoose and Nova Cats, drive the civilians out of the city, and use a Nuke on the Raven genetic repository.

11 Oct, 2823 – Grand Council passes the vote to Annihilate the Wolverines.

13 Oct, 2823 – McEvedy arrives on Circe, where she begins preparing for the
Attack. Small detachments are scattered through the Pentagon worlds and Kerensky Cluster, “collecting material from supply caches and preparing to flee.”
***** - Khan Sara McEvedy is forced to abandon her Clan on Circe, leaving Hallis in charge of the defense.
***** - A single WarShip escapes, probably with L-F battery and McEvedy.

25 Oct, 2823 – Clan Wolf lands troops on Circe, defeating a Wolverine counter-
Attack. Combat lasted two days, until 27 Oct, 2823.
***** - SaKhan Hallis is killed in a “3-hr duel” with Nicholas on Circe, no information on date, or if his death prompted the retreat.

27 Oct, 2823 – Wolverines begin a fighting retreat, during which saKhan Hallis
Was killed by Nicholas in a duel. No sign of McEvedy is found.

22 Jan, 2824 – Wolf Loremaster presents report to the Grand Council, in which
We learn “MOST of the front-line troops were accounted for on Circe, many of the 2nd line Warriors were missing”, along with most of the 331st Division’s equipment. Also, fewer civilians were captured than what was expected.
***** - ComStar sent a force to track them, but lost the trail spinwards of the OA.

?? ???, 2825 – Minnisota Tribe attacks Sveluik, Trondheim, and Richmond
before proceeding eastbound around the Draconis Combine,
disappears into the Periphery. ComStar diplomatic ships search for 4 months, but the trail of the Tribe disappears near the world of Valentina in the Outworlds Alliance near the border with the Draconis Combine and the Federated Suns.
***** - What did they need? What did they find? Which direction?

Thanks for the help!!!!

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Post by Grunt213 » Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:03 am

I hope you find your notebook or someone can help you out. I too recently lost my notebook with all my data in it.

Good luck!

Head for the Hills, Grandma!

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Post by Red Pins » Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:41 am

...Nope. Its gone for good. Either my boss tossed it from work, or I left it somewhere.

Its such a drag - I've been working and getting a faction done each month. Two YEARS at that rate, but this bumps that back by two months at least.

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Post by preacher » Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:42 am

How's the research going.
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