The Plight of the Ten Thousand (Chapter 1 is in the makeing)

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The Plight of the Ten Thousand (Chapter 1 is in the makeing)

Post by Cipher » Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:02 am

please note that this is from a bunch of roleplaying
ppl you will see:
gordie is also known as Ted: he has a cybernetic eye, and a wire port, which Cipher is the 1st of the merc group to know some stuff about him, but allways has his helmet on around others, and doesn't know that Cipher is a failed manei domini yet.
Cipher: is a failed Wob manei domini that's wanting to get away from any and all Wob (me)
others will apper in this chapter when it's finished, or in later chapters

The Plight of the Ten Thousand

Chapter 1: Recovery

The group has travelled eastbound for about a week. Up ahead, in the distance, a semi-familliar shape to all combat personelle looms, a base. Even further in the distance, is a plume of smoke and burning fuel that everyone assumes is the downed dropship. Everyone's first instinct is to go around, before the alarms start sounding but Ted Wellington, the group's current and "defackto" leader pauses, swinging his newly refitted Victor's torso to bear on the entrance. 'Hmm.' The current commander speaks to himself. 'The base should have seen us by now. Paired Lances, yes, but a combined tonnage of nearly 500 Tons. Something isnt right.' Gordie keyed to the command frequency. "Lou, Skygeek, Get some air, see whats going on in the base."

Gordie heard a pair of 'alright's from the two and the two mechs streaked off into the air, to get closer to thier base. A few seconds later, the mechs landed, and Skygeek chimed over the comms. "Sir, the base is abandonded and damaged. I recommend we use it for now and see if there are parts we can salvage." The rest of the group chimed in in the affirmative, one voice, noticeable in the din, was absent. Slowly the Paired assault machines of Darren and Gordie strode in through the ruined gates, and the remainder of the non-flight capable mechs followed. Inside there was only three buildings left standing. One was assumed to be a makeshift sensor grid, probably rigged up after whatever happened to the base, and the other, was what seemed to be a barracks, allowing everyone to have a small luxury none of them had had since they hit the dirt. The third, given the state of the other two, was anyones guess,
As the group is entering the barracks.

"you need to know somthing about me" Cipher said to the group. "i'm really a failed word of blake genectic exparament, that tried to run from them, this base and this area has been attacked by word of blake because i was hiding here after i ran from them. that 3rd intact building there was a data computer inside, but i'm not sure if it's still working, or what it even has in it." Cipher pauses to take a drink. "this base is where i lost most of my friends, comrades, this is when i realized that i should go into hiding." Cipher pauses to take another drink. "There are 8 warehouses with some star league tech, but i don't have the acsess code to get in them, and there are some minefields here, but i'm not even sure if they still work, so i'll give you the cords for them so we can have a look at then and see if they still work"

Silence reigned over the assembled pilots for a few seconds as the news registered. Loo was the first to comment.
"That sounds like a whole heap 'a bull right there. Wobbies ain't never hit Thermopolis. Hell, Wobbies ain't never hit anywhere, 'cept Terra. Now, I might be willin' to believe you know what yer talkin' bout with the warehouses, but that's where it stops."
A pause.
"An I guess the minefields too. Wouldn't hurt to give ya the benefit 'a the doubt there."

Nicolas "Snimm" Silverborn sat staring into the distance for a moment, pondering upon Cipher's words. Sitting on top of a gantry set up next to his Marauder, the Gauss Rifle on its right shoulder towered over his head as he leaned in to put the finishing touch of paint on his newly minted Mech. The word STOMP! in capital letters and an exclamation point screamed arcoss both sides of the torso.

He paused again at Loo's outburst and looked down, wiping his paint-spattered hands on a nearby towel. Climbing down from the gantry, he spoke over his shoulder.

"Well, the way I figure it, the Mariks for certain know we're still alive and still a threat," Nicolas stated, as he stepped off the ladder and turned to face the group, "which means staying in any one place for too long is a death sentence. I have a lot of experience as a scout pilot, and even led a couple search parties which found Star League caches. If these caches Cipher mentions are built anything like those, they're going to be well-hidden and probably would make a decent field base. Heck, dig up some mines and we might even have a defensible position if we need it."

Snimm turned around and looked up appreciatingly at his new Marauder. "The only other thing I know is," he said, a smirk spreading on his face, "I can't wait for this Mech to live up to its namesake."

About an hour later, Snimm walked into the barracks and addressed the assembled group.

"You know, I've been thinking about this problem we've got here. We have a lot of targets we're trying to find here - I mean, not only are there eight, count 'em, EIGHT Star League caches we're hoping to find around here, we have no idea how many mines we might find, AND we haven't found the dropship yet! We have no idea how much time we have before somebody shows up and ruins our peace and quiet here.

Now, I know I'm driving a Marauder, but I've got jump jets. So do most of the rest of you, I've noticed. Perhaps we'd have a better chance of finding caches and mines faster if we split ourselves up and searched. Maybe in pairs, maybe send a lance to the Dropship. I don't know, we can discuss that..." Snimm put his hands up to stifle the groans that rose from a couple of pilots. "Look, I know, you guys are concerned about splitting up our firepower. But believe me, we can do this."

Snimm sighed heavily and sat down on a torn, ratty-looking matress. "Look. I used to drive for DEST. I couldn't stand their rigidity, and they'll kill me if they ever find me again - had I been driving anything slower than a Spider you guys would probably have never met me."

"I've seen your abilities, though. Many of you could easily hold a candle to those DEST suckers. This kind of split-and-search technique was common for DEST, and it's actually a better idea here - working in smaller groups means we can cover more area in less time and be less likely for any single group of us to be spotted. If we do this in a coordinated fashion and stay in communication as much as possible, we can minimize the risk and still cover a lot of ground. So, gentlemen, what do you say? Are we up for finding some new toys to use?"

"i agree, we should spl.." Cipher yells out cause of the indescribable pain he suddenly got, Darren goes to help Cipher up. "no, i'm fine i just need rest" Cipher heads to his quarters still in pain

"Well hold on now there my brash companions... we are talking about minefields and booby traps... we had better be sure we take care of that first... whether it be by a mine sniffer... or by stomping around in our mechs... but we better have a handle on it before we start setting mines and booby traps off"....

"So, Ted how do you want us to handle that?"

Looking around, 'Mekslayer' can not see hide nor hair of the second assault Pilot. Across the base, in the communication station Ted Wellington was hip deep in frayed wires and transistors. "Damni it all to hell!" He shouted, sliding out from beneathe one of the ancient-looking consoles and pitching a burnt-out part across the room, "They want me to lead them, but I probably have the least experience!" Ted vented, his voice carrying across the room so the techs could hear him. He lashed out at the nearest terminal, his Steel-Heeled combat boots leaving a nice imprint in the waist height monitor sitting burnt out on the nearest desk. The monitor flew off the desk and shattered on the ground nearby a wall, while something newer, and obviously shinier skittered towards him from the now wrecked monitor. "What if i dont want to lead!" He stalked over to the cratered computer. "I mean, there was always a reason I never led anything!" The part gleamed at him and he bent over to pick it up, his anger mostly gone.

Examining it, he moved to one of the few computers in the room that still worked. Sitting down on a dusty old chair. Ted 'Gordie' Wellington examined the insertion port and plugged it into the old machine. It took a couple of minutes to start the datastream from the device to the monitor, but what he saw shook him to the very core. "Blessed Blake!" He spoke unknowing. Suddenly he shouted at the rest of the techs. "GET OUT!" Every Single tech in the room looked over at Ted in a shocked, non-sensical way, before scurrying out of the building, leaving the mercenary alone in the building. Ted walked over to the door and locked it, so that he wouldnt be disturbed, then he sat back at the computer before 'Plugging in.'

Darren eyed Cipher with concern. Whatever the Wobbies did to him, it obviously had lasting effects. "Personally, I'd rather stay concentrated, or at least within mutual support distance of each other. Splitting up will help us find these caches faster, but we still have some serious Marik firepower out there looking for us. Together we can handle most of their search parties, but if we split into penny-packets we risk getting caught dispersed and destroyed in detail."

Darren sat while Cipher left to get some sleep and popped open an icy bottle of Coke, which he always seemed to have handy somehow. "Now, finding a couple of Star League caches definately has an appeal and we do need a base of operations. If Cipher is up to it, I think it would be worth our while to sketch out as much detail as he can remember, put it on the map, and then start checking sites one or two at a time, but we shouldn't break down any further than lance size and each should stay in range of the other in case someone finds a Marik patrol instead of the bunker's we're after." Darren drank, then tossed a salute to Snimm. "That way we can make sure the right people do the stomping, when it comes to that."

Darren drank again then leaned forward. "And it will come to that. I might not have the experience some of y'all do, but if one thing is certain its that we'll be running into our Marik friends again. And if we're going to settle into the base for a bit the odds are very high that they'll notice us someway."

Darren looked around. "Where is Ted? We need his input on this."

Snimm flicked his thumb back towards the sensor net building. "He's holed himself up, trying to get the sensor grid working again. I saw all the techs come flying outta there about half an hour ago, and he slammed the door behind them. I didn't test it, but if I had to guess I think he's locked himself in there. I don't know, probably just a techie getting comfortable in his environment, I've seen that before."

"I say we forget him and just figure this out ourselves. He can either ride with us or not once we've figured it out. Maybe in the meanwhile he'll surprise us and get those sensors working by the time we come up with a search plan. I say let him be for now."

"I'm game for keeping it lance-sized, if safety in numbers makes you feel better about this. I'm well aware of the risk of splitting up but we can probably use the trees to keep from getting shot up too badly if it comes to enemy contacts. Jump jets help a lot moving around this rot. So what should we prioritize, the dropship, caches, or minefields?"

Darren stood and started to pace. "Caches. Somehow I suspect that if we look for those, we'll find the other two along the way."

"Noted. Anyone else have any opinions or ideas? Otherwise we start thinking about how we're going to divvy up?"

Skygeek takes a break from working on his new bucket, "As nice as some Star League tech would be, the Dropship should be the priority. Any cache we might stumble across has kept for years and a few more days won't hurt. Any survivors from the dropship might not be as lucky."

Cipher comes out of his quarters still apears to be in pain. "allright i think we should have me look for the mines, because i know more about this area than anyone here and i know where they could be, i would need 2 others to come with me just in case we find some caches, and the rest should look for the dropship" Cipher grabs a piece of paper and starts to draw "This is what i remember of the 2 caches that i know where they are" Cipher points to 2 places on a map that seem to be nearby the base "and here is the design of the caches" Cipher shows the group the piece of paper. Cipher thinks to himself "now, there has to be something that Ted is concerned with that would make him want to be alone" Cipher heads out to walk around, and finds a unlocked backdoor

Cipher quietly opens the unlocked back door, easing it open and seeing a faint blue light in the darkened room. Curiousity killed the cat, so to speak, and Cipher cautiously edged further into the darkened room, boldened by his success thus far. He peeked around the corner to see a figure standing at the lone source of light in the room.

The man looked like a normal human, save for the fact that he had a single wire extending from just below the base of his skull to the small pad by the computer. Cipher watched in stunned silence as the figure removed the wire from the base of his neck and stored it in a small pouch on his left hip. On the computer screen, cipher saw the symbol that, to unknowing eyes might have been mistaken for the comstar symbol.

The computer shut down and the figure moved to turn on the lights. Turning around, cipher saw, for the first time, Ted's true face. His right eye was replaced by a cybernetic equivalent similar in all respects to his real left eye, save for the mechanical blue iris that mimicked the real left one.

"Yes, Cipher?"

Cipher looked at Ted's cybernetic eye, and only 2 questions crossed his mind "What happened, and Who did this to you?"

Ted sauntered over to where his combat neuralhelmet was sitting. The port at the base of his neck barely visible under the strawberry locks of hair.

"My original eye was removed in an unfortunate 'accident' and was replaced by the good folks of the Draconis combine." His cybernetic eye extended and retracted as if of its own volition.

Cipher thinks about what the port could be on Ted's neck "well, what about that wire port on your neck, and what was on that computer?"

"Sensor Data" Ted lied plainly, and secretly he willed Cipher to accept his answer. He moved over the computer he had been working on befor finding the silvered blake insignia now sitting on the desk beside the shut down computer. He hit a few keys and telemetry data showed up over the last few weeks. "The sensors were functioning when we hit planetside, Cipher, drawing the other warriors attention to the screen. "According to this, the dropship crashed here." Ted said, pointing to a teardrop shaped clearing a couple kilometers from the base. What he also saw was that few times some hover scouts were sent to scout it and were summarily destroyed, but I don't know by what..."

Cipher decides to let ted ingore his question about the port on ted's neck. "i should take this land data to the others so we can come up with a plan" Cipher leaves the sensor building still wondering why ted lied to him about the blake insignia. Cipher enters the barracks "ok i have some updated data about the area, now we know where the dropship is, now the hard part is getting there" Cipher paces a bit trying to think of a plan "ok, here's the plan I should have someone come with me to check up on the mines and try to find the caches, then the rest should go get to the dropship and search for survivors of the dropship crash, any thoughts on this plan?" Cipher looks to the group to see if they approve of the plan.
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Post by snakespinner » Mon May 17, 2010 3:12 am

Looks like your having some fun with cybernetics in your game.
And a Manei Domini as well. :thumleft: