[VEE] Crocodile A22-Mk.4

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[VEE] Crocodile A22-Mk.4

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Crocodile A22-Mk.4

Mass: 40 tons
Tech Base: Inner Sphere
Motive Type: Tracked
Rules Level: Advanced Rules
Era: Age of War/Star League
Tech Rating/Era Availability: E/E-F-D-A
Production Year: 2574
Cost: 1,428,467 C-Bills
Battle Value: 665

Power Plant:  200-rated Terra-Mars Fuel Cell Engine
Cruise Speed: 54.0 km/h
Flanking Speed: 86.4 km/h
Armor:  Lexington Ferro-Fibrous
    1  primitive LB 10-X AC
    1  Vehicle Flamer
       Standard CASE
Manufacturer: Sheffield-Story Armaments
    Primary Factory: destroyed/unknown
Communications System: Army Type Two
Targeting and Tracking System: Sentry 5.0 
There is no record for who designed the Crocodile, and most of information about its manufacturer of origin has been lost.  Records tell historians that the tank was created in the early years of the Age of War.  It's earliest reviews list it as a "rolling war crime", as it is slow, heavily armored, a deadly threat to infantry, and armed with a primitive chemical-based Vehicle Flamer.  Due to its combat history and tales of its gruesome atrocities, the Crocodile is one of the few weapon systems specifically banned by the Star League Accords and the Ares Conventions.

Equipment           Type                         Rating                   Mass  
Internal Structure: Standard                      20 points                4.00
Engine:             Fuel-Cell Engine             200                      10.50
    Cruise MP:  5
    Flank MP:   8
Heat Sinks:         Single Heat Sink             1                         0.00
Control Equipment:                                                         2.00
Lift Equipment:                                                            0.00
Turret:                                                                    1.50
Armor:              Ferro-Fibrous                AV - 107                  6.00

                                               Front     27        
                                          Left/Right   21/21        
                                              Turret     21        
                                                Rear     17        

Equipment                                 Location    Heat     Spaces     Mass  
Vehicle Flamer                               FR        3         1         0.50
LB 10-X AC                                   T         2         1        11.00
CASE                                         BD        -         1         0.50
@LB 10-X (Cluster) (10)                      BD        -         0         1.00
@LB 10-X (Slug) (20)                         BD        -         0         2.00
@Vehicle Flamer (20)                         BD        -         0         1.00

BattleForce Statistics
MV      S (+0)  M (+2)  L (+4)  E (+6)   Wt.   Ov   Armor:      4    Points: 7
5t         1       1       1       0      2     0   Structure:  2
Special Abilities: CASE, EE, TUR(1/1/1), FLK 1/1/1