James Degenhardt (Amalor Myrnnyx, rpgsheets)

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James Degenhardt (Amalor Myrnnyx, rpgsheets)

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James Degenhardt (Amalor Myrnnyx, rpgsheets) Passed away yesterday March 7, 2014.

I am quoting those that have made the post over at LotB.
Phelan Kai Steiner-Davion wrote:I talked to Dawn, his wife, last night. With whom Widowmaker and I are friends with on FB. James's heart stopped suddenly. He had flu like symptoms beforehand. Right now, Dawn needs our help, so any offer to help her right now will be appreciated by her. Please contact, myself, WidowMaker, or Blue Weasel, and we'll get you in touch with her. If you had a commission in the works, or know someone who did have them contact us, as well. Thank you all for the condolences, we will make sure Dawn sees these.

He was an excellent artist and he will be missed.
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Re: James Degenhardt (Amalor Myrnnyx, rpgsheets)

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My muse aches. I can't say enough good things about James.
I miss him greatly. We all will, I'm sure.

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