"Evolve" Single-Player Info?

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"Evolve" Single-Player Info?

Post by GRUD »

I posted this over at TOS first, then thought I'd post it here also, to get more "Coverage" as it were. :mrgreen:

Has anyone heard anything about the Single-Player part of the new video game Evolve? According to the "Pre-Order Kiosk" at the local Best Buy, it's for "1-5 Players", and while I've read some previews about it in XBox magazine, they don't mention any single player options. I know it's by the same company that made Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, and in those you can play by yourself with help from 3 "bots", but will that be the case with this new game? The Previews say 1 player can be the monster, while 4 others hunt it down, but that still doesn't tell me only 1 Human can play with 4 Bots. Can I play as the monster against 4 bot "Hunters", or can I play as a Hunter with 3 Bot Hunters and a Bot monster? Is playing the monster the only single-player option? :P I think it's "Due" in August, and I'd like to Pre-Order it for the bonus stuff, but there's no sense in me buying a game that is Multi-Player only. For one thing, I don't care for "Multi-Player Only" games, and for another, I don't have high-speed internet, so I can't get online with my 360/XBone/PS3 anyway. I have to take them to a friend's house in order to update them (or download my "Pre-Order" bonuses) as it is. :|

Anyway, if anyone has any news about this, I'd Appreciate hearing it! Thanks! :thumleft:
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Re: "Evolve" Single-Player Info?

Post by Ravion Hawk »

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