Friends of AJ Ryken?

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Friends of AJ Ryken?

Post by GRUD »

This is for anyone that is a Friend of AJ Ryken (aka, Phelan Kai Steiner-Davion), especially on Facebook. Please contact me on FB, if you ARE a Friend of his, and if you've been contacted by "Someone" telling you things about AJ. I made a post on 1 FB Group in his Defense, and I've been given conflicting information about him. I'm trying to "get a read" on the situation, and I'm wondering what his other Friends are hearing from "Someone Else".

I've been Friends with AJ for SEVERAL years now, and he's ALWAYS been up-front and Honest with me. Now, "Someone" is trying to convince me and everyone else that AJ is Dishonest. I fail to believe that. Even if he DID somehow "Fail" in some manner, I'd still call him a Friend. I don't just discard Friends without a SERIOUS reason to do so. We're Human. We make mistakes. Slight mistakes we can Forgive and move on. Well, I can anyway, because I'm not that kind of Asshole. Don't get me wrong! I AM an Asshole! :lol: Just not the kind of Asshole that dumps a Friend at the 1st sign of "Trouble" with them, or at the 1st Unfounded Accusations made against them. :?

Again, I'm trying to find out what is being said Against my Friend, by "Someone". I think the "Someone" is attempting the "Divide and Conquer" routine, by telling multiple people things one at a time, and Hoping they don't compare notes. Well, THIS Friend IS trying to "Compare Notes".

Another person said that if I'm not careful I could "Get a Reputation" as someone that stands up for the wrong person. Frankly, I'd rather have a reputation as a Man that stands up for a Friend at the FIRST sign of "Trouble", rather than taking a "Wait and See" attitude about it. IF I turn out to be "Wrong", then that will be egg on my face, and I'll Publically admit that I was Wrong. That doesn't mean that I'll cut all ties to my Friend though.

Either way, people will know that I'm not the type of Man that will roll over and show his belly when a Friend is being attacked.

Anyway, if you're a Friend of AJ, Please contact me via FB. Troy Lee Cowell
(I'd be GRUD on FB, but Family and Most of my old Friends don't KNOW me as GRUD. :( )
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