Awards and Ribbons

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Awards and Ribbons

Post by Speck »

Due to the website conversion, the Ribbons and Awards did not convert over. I am going to see about pulling the data from the database, but that is going to take some time to put together. I am putting out the word for people to post what Awards and Ribbons they are missing.

Link to the new Awards and Ribbons Listing, note this refers to them at "Metals" I need to adjust the language file yet.
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Rayo Azul
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Re: Awards and Ribbons

Post by Rayo Azul »

Extra long service :lol: and Fiction MVP if I remember rightly :oops:



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Re: Awards and Ribbons

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I think that is all.

With current events I might be dropping off the HMPro team. I'm only gonna be gone for a year, but I don't know if it counts for something. Been on the team since '07. I've got a month to decide if I'm telling Rick that I have to drop of if I'm just going silent for a year.
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Re: Awards and Ribbons


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I think thats it.... :) Zac