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What is it?
MegaMek is an online software rendition of the Battletech tabletop game that uses Java (http://www.java.com). Players can play against a computer generated opponent (known as a 'bot') or connect to another player using IP addresses. Each player selects their forces using the list provided in MegaMek's database, which currently includes: Inner Sphere 'Mechs, Vehicles, Infantry, Battle Armor, VTOLs, and Clan 'Mechs, Vehicles, Battle Armor, VTOLs, and ProtoMechs. (When playing a bot, the player must choose the bot's units and set game options.) Once each player agrees on which game options are to be and have been set, the game begins.

The maps are made up of imaged-based hexes, each having a set color, height, texture, and terrain type (water, swamp, forest, etc.) based on data set for that hex's number. Play procedes as would in a normal tabletop game, only, the game does all the work for the player by calculating players' units' to-hit numbers for each weapon, and any PSRs (piloting skill rolls) that the players have to make. The game then automatically makes each roll for the players and determines whether or not the targeted number was made. Then, it applies the information to the players' units at the end of each turn. Once games are completed, players have the option of saving their remaining units to a file for further use in campaigns and whatnot.

BTU currently hosts MegaMek tournaments to allow players to compete with one another for prizes. Manuals can be found in the MegaMek directory once you download the game. If you would rather have someone show you how to run the game, contact Matahari, Metal Carnage, or Blackheart.

Where can I get MegaMek and/or Java?
-You can download versions of MegaMek here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile ... p_id=47079
- You can download versions of Java here (it would be wise to download the latest version): http://onesearch.sun.com/search/javacom ... =downloads

What are tournaments and when are they held?
MegaMek tournaments are a series of games based around a common theme. They are usually held each quarter (once every 3 months). Registered members can enter by submitting forces required by the tournament's ruleset to one of the Coordinators.

The rules will change for each tournament depending on the theme in which the tournament is based. Each player is given an opponent to battle by the MegaMek Coordinators. Once the battle is over, players submit their gamelogs to the Coordinators and wait for the next round of play. After the final battle of the tournament, the winning and second place players are given their prizes.

If you have any questions, or would like further information on the game or BTU tournaments, contact on of these staff members: Matahari, Metal Carnage, or Blackheart.
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