Widow Maker Has Fallen

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Widow Maker Has Fallen

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I don’t usually get online on weekends, and would rather not be now for what I’m about to say.

I was told a couple hours ago that my Friend and Brother, Shawn Rolan, aka Widow Maker, died Saturday night. The cancer he’d been fighting for over a year finally got him. I’ve talked with his youngest son, who seems to be holding up well. He said they’ll let me know when the Funeral will be, but nothing is planned just yet.

As Shawn himself wanted me to say back in December, the Widow Maker has Fallen.

He told me he was given the Name by none other than Gary Gygax, by killing 2 people in a row (via headshots I think?), in a game of BattleTech at some small convention somewhere, a few decades back. I refused to say that of him in December, because I had Hope he’d be able to beat cancer. Sadly, that was not the case.

In the last few years, his Love for BattleTech became overshadowed by his Love for his new wife, though he still loved BattleTech. I’m glad for him that he finally found a woman that would love him for HIM, and not just his paycheck. My Brother deserved MORE years of such Great Happiness, but I guess we should be Thankful for the time they had.

He Loved the Wolf’s Dragoons, and Hated ComStar and Word of Blake with a Passion. He preferred the Unseen and BattleDroids to the Reseen/Project Phoenix minis. Also Loved Metal minis and cared nothing for plastic minis. I’m ok with the new plastics, but otherwise we were a LOT alike! One of his favorite minis was the BD or Unseen Shadow Hawk.

Here’s Hoping he’s tearing up the Battle Field in a SHD, Somewhere.
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Re: Widow Maker Has Fallen

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Well ****.