Inner Sphere in Flames Strategy Game Online!!!

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Inner Sphere in Flames Strategy Game Online!!!

Post by Mekorig » Mon Oct 30, 2006 4:17 pm

It is November 3067 and the Inner Sphere is gathering in Tharkard for the next Whitting Conference. Tension begins to rise in the Inner Sphere, has the Successor Lords, and the twin brothers, Word of Blake and Constar fights its fratricidal and hidden war. In the periphery the Taurian Concordat tries to reclaim old lost worlds, and the MArian hegemony continues its war against the Circinus Federation. The Clans, always ready for battle, tries to expand their occupation zones, and the inner sphere defendands prepare for the new attacks.

Here is your chance to change this event in history. Can you guide the Federated Suns to victory over the Taurian Concordant or can you break the waves of Fed Suns troops and turn the tide against the Fed Suns. But that is not the only battle being fought! The Marian hegemony wages a war against the pirate nation of Circinus. The lyran Alliance strives to rebuild, and endure the attack of the Crusader Wolf and Jade Falcon clans.The fighting doesn't stop there. The Draconis Combine is recovering form the recent Ghost Bear and Federated Suns attacks, and internal strife menace whit violence in the Combine. The Free Rasalhague Republic tries to survive in this new universe where its nation is reduced to six worlds, and the Magistracy of Canopus ally whit the Capellan Confederation and the Taurian Concordant into a new power alliance.

The Inner Sphere in Flames forum is a strategic game utilizing rules from Combat Operations set in November of 3067. Will the FS lost worlds to the Taurian Concordant, will the pirates continue its raiding, will the Chaos March worlds fall under the insidious influence of Word of Blake? Only you can decide the fate of the Inner Sphere!

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