Battle Rage, Mecha Shooter Game Hits the Shelves

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Battle Rage, Mecha Shooter Game Hits the Shelves

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<img src="/media/BattleRage/logo.gif" alt=""><br><a href="media/BattleRage/screen2_big.jpg" target="new" hspace="3"><img src="/media/BattleRage/screen2.jpg" align="right" border="0" alt=""></a><b>Attention Battletech and Mecha fans!</b><br><a href="" target="new">Destan Entertainment</a> released <i>Battle Rage</i> last month, a third person shooter "with elements of the beat’em up game that allows a player to control giant robots." From <a href="" target="new">Strategy Informer</a>:<br><br><i>Battles between the robots take place on carefully selected battlegrounds (so called “arenas”) and they are short, quick, brutal skirmishes. The player can fight alone (versus one, two or even three opponents) or in the team with one sidekick. Every machine has it’s own weapons (for melee and distance combat), additional weapon types can be collected on the arena.</i><br><br>The image shown will take you to a full-size version that has been included here for your viewing pleasure. The verdict is still out on this new game whether it will be a hit with Battletech and Mecha fans. We'll keep you posted on forthcoming reviews.<br>
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