Fly like an Egyptian - non-Btech starships

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Fly like an Egyptian - non-Btech starships

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When these showed up I actually freaked out my daughter when I opened the box and yelled COOL ! a little bit too loud :oops: ,ah well.

Big and nasty is all I can say. Except for the gunships, these are shown as they were straight from the box. How them RP'd in the Dark Grey & Flexxible material from Shapeways.

First off, the whole fleet. At the top, a Neith Class Heavy Monitor. To the lower right, a Menhit Class Strike Battler.
The smallest four shown are Monthu Light Cruisers and the two to the lower left are Reshep Assault Cruisers.


For the gunships used by the Luxors, I am using some of the new Aerotech Tabanid combat drones done by Iron Wind Metals, just modded by cutting off the nose and then having them fly backwards.


For scale, here is a Audacious Battler compared to the Neith
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Post by Teppudama »

Cool, technologically advanced Go'auld!
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Post by Steve Ronin »

very... different.
COOL. :!:
but different.

What game system would you use these with?


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Post by thatjimboguy »

I like these...but is there any way we could get a different angle on the snowflake shaped ships? I think a side view would be even cooler.
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