Woodsman Prime MOD and Archer C2 for Clan Mongoose project

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Woodsman Prime MOD and Archer C2 for Clan Mongoose project

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Here are two MODs for an upcoming Clan Mongoose group:

Archer C2

Wolverine II
Galahad GLH-2D
Mjöllnir - (fan designed Thunderbolt II design)
Maybe a Stag II and/or Talon/Reaper Valiant

The first is the Woodsman Prime. Personally, I had to correct the look of the small laser on the upper right shoulder. I then want to make the lasers in the arms look more like the art with the help of some Resculpted Vulture arm PL's. I feel that this two changes added the last touched need to make the best representation of the Prime with the IWM sculpt.

The next is what I thought the Archer C may have evolved more into prior to the Clans really going Omni nuts. An Archer C2 = Endo frame, 2 LRM10 (bunch of ammo), MPL in each arms, an ER LL in the torso and Targeting Computer (added since Clan Mongoose develop the Clan TC) with space for ECM and Probe or other equipment. Fully armored and with double HS's

Feedback or comments welcome.

Mr Balk

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Post by BlackHornet »

I like the changes made to the Acher C.
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