Battlemaster BLR-4G HellSlinger

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Mr Balk
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Battlemaster BLR-4G HellSlinger

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I was looking for a newer "modern" loadout for the BLR-1GHE BattleMaster HellSlinger from Era Report: 2750, p. 139 based on a Reseen Battlemaster BLR-4S into the final new loadout.

Background from Era Report: 2750-
BLR-1GHE BattleMaster HellSlinger - This Star League Era variant removes the Machine Guns and SRM launcher and their ammunition. The SRM launcher is replaced by three Streak SRM-2 launchers with a single ton of ammunition. Two forward Medium Lasers are removed, and an extra PPC is mounted in the left arm. Sixteen Double Heat Sinks keep the 'Mech cool, and the 'Mech's armor is upgraded to Ferro-Fibrous armor. An extra half ton of armor is also installed.

Consideration factors:
Then open it up to the newer Era weapons options, I would like to keep the PPC's in the arms (changing to ER PPC, Snub-Nose PPC, Heavy PPC?) and opening up changes out the torso missile pod, lasers, armor or internal structure. Maybe play off of another model from RS3085u forward so that the design is started from some production/cannon base Battlemaster.

LastChanceCav provided the idea with the loadout noted in the Fan Designs & Rules » BattleMechs link: ... 858.0.html

Here is the Mech in mini form basing the MOD off of IAMCLANWOLF's "beefy" Reseen Battlemaster MOD:

Feedback or comments always welcome.

Mr Balk

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Steve Ronin
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Re: Battlemaster BLR-4G HellSlinger

Post by Steve Ronin »

I don't know HOW I missed this goodness! :thumleft:

I really like the concept. :mrgreen:

I like the mods, waist up; IMHO, I think the legs just need replaced entirely.

I get a 'bell-bottoms' vibe from the current legs. :wink: :lol: