Been MIA

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Ravion Hawk
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Been MIA

Post by Ravion Hawk »

Sorry for being MIA as of late everyone.

Been juggling all aspects of my life as of late. The worst part right now is dealing with the job situation. Don't get me wrong, it is still worlds better than it was back in MI., but trying to get out of being a contractor is a royal PITA.

I'm trying to keep up with everyone I can. It is rather saddening going through my contacts and realizing I still have numbers and email addresses for fallen friends and it was actually quite painful when I was doing some cleaning on my FB and had to relive going through my contacts list again but it was worse.

To everyone still hanging around, drop me a line if you want me to update your contact info or let me know if it is too old and to just let it go.
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Steve Ronin
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Re: Been MIA

Post by Steve Ronin »

I feels ya, Dude.

and the Defense Contractor world is getting worse.
more subcontractors
more placement agencies
more little roaches that want a cut of what you're working for..
and then the benefits (esp. Med insurance) suck like a Hoover on Nitrous.

I did get your LinkedIN request.

There's always a line open for you.